My ryde to lake Placid


 Let me introduce myself, my name is Claude Leblanc and I own a Spyder RT since July 2011. I was hooked on the Spyder as soon as I drove one. At first, I was riding alone with my wife and my children. I say my wife and my children because it was always a battle over who would sit in the back. Towards the end of the summer, we tried for the first time a group ride. It was with the club Spyder Lanaudière. We loved it so much that I got involved with the club. The following year, with the Spyder Lanaudière club administrator, Laurent Champagne, I decided to take the challenge of starting a new club before him. Hence was born the club Spyder Laurentides. I was administrator of the club for 2 years. The first year with Laurent Champagne and the second with Pierre Poliquin. I left recently for another adventure. With my friend, Pierre Poliquin, we started Spyder TV.

Laurent Champagne and Claude Leblanc

¬†Now that the introductions are made, I will tell you about a ride that I particularly loved among all the ones I made ‚Äč‚Äčwith the club Spyder Laurentides. It was when we went to Lake Placid. That day, it was beautiful, the sun was shining and the temperature was perfect for a Spyder ride.

As usual, we had our starting point at our typical restaurant La Bellepro’s, in Mascouche. Personally, I did not expect to have a lot of Spyders since we were in the vacation period. To my surprise, 22 Spyders and motorcycles came to join me for this ride. The safety rules were given and we left for the United States.

¬†One concern I had was to cross the border with its endless waiting. It was not the case. We were lucky because my schedule for the day was calculated so that we had time to make a few stops. Although I had some new riders behind me who were not accustomed to riding in a group, everything went well. For lunch, we stopped at Tail O’ the Pup, near Saranac Lake, a classic motorcycle spot.

 After a good meal, we headed to Lake Placid. We crossed the city slowly to contemplate the beauty of this small tourist town. Unfortunately, with the group and the late hour, we did not have time to make a stop.

¬†Out of the city, we started to climb Whiteface Mountain. When I showed my wife how far we were going up, she was a little panicked. She does not like heights. I told her not to worry and to focus on the camera and filming the landscape. The road to the top is a bit bumpy but the view that we have at the top is well worth the effort. Going up is one thing, but coming down is another. It wasat this point that I asked myself:‚ÄúI hope that my brakes will hold‚ÄĚ.

 Once we were all down, we drove back home. With our heads full of beautiful images, we drove slowly towards customs. A little surprise awaited us; it took us almost 2 hours to cross the lines. Thankfully, it was beautiful outside. I could not imagine waiting 2 hours in the rain. I could tell you a lot more interesting stories about our rides with the club Spyder Laurentides, perhaps another time.

Claude Leblanc

Spyder TV

Here is the short video of our ride


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