A surprising encounter

I went for a little ryde tonight, on Hwy 244 across the Apache Reservation. The moon was shining so brightly the road was clearly visible, except where the shadows floated above the dips and hollows and it was cold, 23 degrees fahrenheit cold. So cold little ice particles snapped and cracked as my tires rolled fast as lighting over them and the trees were frosted like sugar candy. No wind, no movement at all, except my Spyder Angel flying over the roads. No traffic either. I was totally on my own, Three am and just flying through those curves, one with my machine. What an awesome feeling, yes, ONE with my machine! I was surprised at the quiet … no sound at all except the muffled roar of my engine, shifting and revving and slowing and quietly whining along the pavement. The cold totally grabbed the sounds, pushing them back and away.

spyder tv article jacque TanisI felt a slight chill but not bad, I had dressed for it, anticipating the cold. I was even enjoying the icy air occasionally sneaking under my helmet and down my collar or slipping up my arms between my gloves and jacket cuffs. The delightful shivers kept me alert, aware of my surroundings.

Suddenly, in the field off to my left I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye. Startled I quickly turned and saw an elk, a huge buck, pacing me along the road, running through the dirt and jumping over any obstacle in his way, trying to keep up with me. He was dodging every tree that appeared in his path and sailing over bushes, the moonlight glancing off his huge antlers.. He was magnificent to say the least … Oh my goodness, should I be excited or afraid? Excitement won over and I laughed as he was joined by another big buck, then squealing with joy as three cows joined in. I opened up the throttle as more of the herd joined our flight and together we flew over hills, darting around each curve, never slowing one whit.

By now the entire elk herd, at least thirty or more, were running along each side of the road, with me in the middle. What a wonderful game, such a fabulous Ryde, a magical adventure indeed. I took a deep breath and sneezed and then … and then … I woke up. Oh darn it all. I was napping on my couch. I snuggled deeper under my covers and closed my eyes, desperately trying to recapture my dream.

Jacque Tanis

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7 Responses

  1. Debbie Willey says:

    HEYYYYY … THAT’S NOT FAIR !!!! LOL … I got all wrapped up in that story and ryding along with you and visualizing everything You described … and then You “woke up from a sneeze”??????????? I must say though, Sir, that Your story telling is very very good. Next tyme you go for a ryde, would You let me know please ?? Would love to tag along. Your stories are my travels. :)

  2. Jacque Tanis says:

    Why thank you Debbie but I am a she LOL. You may ride along anytime you like. I write many adventures …

  3. TeresaR says:

    now that was some awesome wryting. 😀 Great job.

  4. What an awesome story felt like I was right there with see feeling his breath oh why can’t I have dreams like that Great job will look forward to more stories Jackie thanks

  5. Diana McGinnis says:

    Great story Jacque. Wish it had been other than a dream…

  6. Sherryl says:

    Jacque Tanis you write some of the most beautiful stories!! And NOW you’re a published author!! WhooHoo!!

  7. Susan Helms says:

    Love your story you always have a way of keeping the reader in suspense.

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