¬†Writing an article is not easy … so I better take out my best pen (well, more truthfully, my best keyboard – lol) to share with you my passion. Let me introduce myself: my name is Thierry and I am 39 years old. My passion is now almost 19 years old (that does not make me any younger!). And a motorcycle started it all. My bike is a real passion, summer and winter, my friends and family never saw me without my helmet in hand. Unfortunately, after a road accident, I found myself deprived of my right arm, among other things. Indeed, it was the end of the pleasure of putting my helmet and my boots on, of feeling my machine vibrate, of feeling the pleasure of acceleration, of going on long rides with my wife or of reaching our sandy ocean beaches.

Despite this tragedy, an idea haunted me day after day … to find again those sensations which are now a large void in my life. I surfed the net looking for all possible ways to reconnect with my passion. But my searches were unsuccessful.

One day in 2008, making a turn near a beach, I discovered with amazement a strange machine: two wheels in the front, one large wheel at the back and an aggressive look, it was a Spyder. It was love at first sight and since that day, I had only one thing in mind, to become the proud owner of a Spyder.

I got on the net, and there, I came across a You Tube video of a young French man who acquired a prosthetic arm made ‚Äč‚Äčby a Hungarian: Baloo Rider. Step by step, I finally was able, in July 2013, to finance my prosthesis and I received it in August. After adjusting it with the prosthetic technician, the only thing left for me was to find a Spyder.

I got back again on the net and I found an opaque black and orange ocher 2011 Spyder RSS, ideal for my budget. Once I made ‚Äč‚Äčmy purchase, I made a last visit to my prosthetic doctor in order to ride my Spyder and a very happy person (me in this case) sprung out of the appointment and started his adventure on the road.

In May 2013, we founded, a buddy and I, a club in the South-West of France: the Spyder Rider Club! I had the great pleasure of going on my first ride as a pilot on Sunday, November 17th, 2013, together with our loyal members and friends. You cannot imagine the happiness that came over me when I took the head of our Spyder parade towards the ocean.

I do not want to sound moralistic or preach, but to conclude, here is some food for thought:

Never give up on your dreams, your passions, be patient and determined, and with courage and determination, NOTHING is impossible! I wish you all a great ride and why not hope to see you one day on a road in France or elsewhere!


Thierry Dufief


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3 Responses

  1. Philippe says:

    Bravo!!! J’ai perdu l’usage du nerf radial il y a 4 ans et grace a mon Can Am RT je peux rouler, avec ma femme, depuis 2 ans a nouveau.

  2. George Parry says:

    Awesome Story! Congrats Glad you are back on the road!

  3. Rabbit says:

    Great to hear you are back on the bike, we have another right arm amputee here in Australia in our National group

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