A Madness that feels so good

Very young, I already had a taste for motorized engines. I take after my father, said my mother, and as a teenager, I had the dream of driving a motorcycle one day. Life being what it is, I’ve never actually had a bike and I forgot about this idea.When I met my husband 5 years ago, he owned a motorcycle and, it is at this moment that my passion began to grow again and we were on the saddle as often as possible to discover beautiful corners of the country. What a great sense of freedom!

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However, I did not have total freedom, because as a passenger, I always had to wait until my husband was available to ride and the idea of ​​having my own motorcycle scared me, the idea of ​​stability and the “clutch” were stressful to me. So, from this frustration came the idea of acquiring this wonderful machine called a Can Am Spyder. Between the evening of my rage of not being able to ride a bike and the purchase of my 2013 RS Spyder that I affectionately call my “little bug”, about 3 weeks had passed.On route to the dealership, I told my husband: “Is what I’m doing crazy?”… I became the happiest women, it is as if I had wings now. What a beautiful “feeling” riding on this little gem. So, I had my answer, it was a beautiful craziness that I do not regret.

 What beautiful rides, wonderful encounters, new friendships, born from the passion of this inexplicable freedom.The roads that I discovered by motorcycle, now I want to rediscover on my Spyder like the Dragon Tail in Tennessee, the Gaspe Peninsula and Mount Washington. I also plan to do the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia, Highway 1 in California and why not, Western Canada. The limits are only those we impose on ourselves.I took my machine out for just 2 ½ months and rode 6920 km before storing it for the winter, but you cannot imagine how anxious I am to start the 2014 season that will be, if the weather allows it, on March 15th.

 spyder tv article marie claude garceau

I do not see my life without my “little bug”; depriving myself would be like dying slowly. I hope I can ride as long as possible and have the freedom to drive across America to discover it’s beauty and experience this wonderful adventure with my partner and very good friendships born of this common and indescribable madness that feels so good.

 Marie- Claude Garceau

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3 Responses

  1. Kathy Gibson says:

    This is a great story,, and im sure many women will feel the same. I know I do and did… and still do. I own my own Spyder and so does my fiancé but being on the back of his is not often now.. cos im always on mine.

  2. willie says:

    Welcome to the Spyder world. you must also ride in the Desert Southwest of USA

  3. Rick Sidley says:

    Marie-Claude, your story brings a great big smile to my face, as I too have made the leap. A brand new Sypder ST LTD in pearl white sits in my garage, also waiting for the “season” to begin on 1 March when my registration/insurance kick in. This is my first bike since I was 15, and I turn 70 in a few months. I hope this will be my last ride, but a long one, to travel many new roads, see beautiful landscapes, and meet great people like you and your partner. Good luck to both of you in your travels. Best from Bavaria! Rick

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