A Spyder “Love affair”

I am looking for CanAm Spyders as we return from a delightful 4th of July, riding the highways and byways around Pagosa Springs, Colorado. We are headed for Sante Fe, NM and then home to Cloudcroft and, oh my, what a most excellent weekend we have had. First, meeting fellow GOS sister Charlie Fitch (2013 ST-L) for the first time, then following her the 48 miles to Silverton on US-550 N. If ever you get the chance to make this breathtaking climb, full of curves, drop-offs and stunning views, you won’t be disappointed. The next day with storm clouds surrounding us and lightening flashing in the distance,spyder tv article Jacque Tanis 2 Charlie led us over Wolf Creek Pass on US-160 E. I had, of course, just removed my rain gear when we were caught in a thunderous downpour, soaking me to the bone in minutes. No problem, we are definitely not fair weather riders. During our three days of riding we only spied a few Spyders. This seems to be the land of two wheeler bikes.  Seeing so few roadsters on our trip made me wonder just what it is that makes a rider choose to purchase their first CanAm Spyder.
I asked fellow Spyders lovers what prompted them to purchase their first Spyder. I was overwhelmed with replies. I could write a book.  Alas, could not hold all of the comments I received so we’ll stick to a small taste, a tease, of what I learned.
For me it was the unique look as I saw my first reverse trike. I was captivated and it did not take long before I owned my 2013 ST-L.  Due to bilateral knee replacements I recently sold my BMW F650GS. Although I have sweet memories of the fun we had together, I cannot say I was too disappointed to see her go.  She spent too much time sitting in the garage as cobwebs gathered while I rode my “Spyder Angel”.
For Ann Hansen ofOntario, Canada it was the stability and safety features, such as ABS and traction control, that first drew her to the 2013 ST-L.  She enjoys the unique styling.  Ann also likes that she and her machine turn heads wherever she goes. Ann got the bug from her husband while riding as a passenger on his RT. She so enjoyed the ride, Ann determined to bite the bullet and purchase her own.
Floyd Cady of California purchased his first Spyder 5 years ago when a saw a CanAm Spyder on TV.  He currently rides a 2015 F3.  Like Ann, Floyd enjoys the unusual look of his machine. Floyd’s wife would not ride with him on his two wheel bike because of the safety factor.  I’ll just bet she rides with him now.
John Fernandez switched from a two wheeler because of his knees.  He also enjoys the great maneuverability.  He currently lives in Florida and drives a 2011 RT-S.  John shares the enjoyment he gets from his Spyder to the point he feels he’s become an unofficial ambassador for CanAm.
Beth Paventi is the proud new owner of her 2014 RS-S, mainly because a two wheeler has, “… too many things to remember.”  She enjoys the sleek and sporty look as well.  When I asked what Beth disliked about her RS she said, “Not a thing!” A true devotee.
Another new owner, with a 2015 F3, is Troy Cabral of Nevada.  Troy saw his first Spyder on the road. According to Troy, “I love the ride, the sleek look of the F3, the performance, how it handles, the attention you get when riding (or stopped) and the feeling you get while on the road.”  Troy rightly describes his F3 as a “FUN BEAST!!!!!” 
Kim Roberts and Deborah Kovich both ride RT’s.  Kim’s machine is a 2013 and Deborah’s a 2015.  Kim chose her Spyder because she loves the ease of riding, the freedom her RT gives her. Deborah is from Texas and saw her first Spyder on the street.  She says it is not only user friendly but has “big personality”.

These are just a few of the 50 plus responses I received.  All of our new owners have one thing in common – they are simply mad about their reverse trike machines.  Were there complaints?  A few.  The main culprit was the cost of maintenance and service due to dealer inconsistencies.  Unfortunately not all dealers are created equal.
 I also heard from a few riders some of the negative comments they have received.  Such as, “Maybe someday, when I’m too old or sick to hold up a real bike”.  Or, “… if I wanted a tricycle I’d buy one.”  However, most riders described how interested, captivated, enthralled and curious people are.  While on the road many of us have experienced the pleasure of stopping for gas only to have numerous inquiries about and pictures taken of our machines.  As I was leaving Pagosa Springs a woman literally ran up to me, jumping up and down while she enthusiastically bellowed how much she loved my bike and did I like it and how much was it – that’s always a strange one – and is it easy to ride.  I smiled as I watched her skip to her car, yelling back at me that one day she would have her own.  My husband is used to it now, he just stood back and shook his head while she totally ignored his ride.
The CanAm Spyder is not for everyone. For those of us with an individual spirit this machine enables us to follow our own road. There is absolutely nothing like jumping on our Spyders and gleefully thinking, “YES, LET’S RIDE!”  We travel the road on a truly exceptional and unique machine.
Jacque Tanis
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  1. Kris Brewer says:

    Great article Jacque!! Thanks for hopefully opening the eyes of other riders that it doesn’t matter what we ride – it’s that we do ride!!

  2. joanne laughlin says:

    Great article Thanks as we love and enjoy our rides.

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