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A true love story with my Spyder

John Lafortune

AKA Spyderrock on

In 2011 at the Edmonton Motorcycle Show, I was walking around as I do every year and came across the BRP and the Martin Motorsports booth. When I first saw the Spyder RT limited I was hooked before I even sat on it. I talked with a sales representative and after the show, I headed to the dealership and by the end of that visit, I had laid down a deposit. I didn’t even take the thing for a ride; I just knew this was for me.

Long story short: I was in an accident when I was 30 and since then, I have had 5 major back operations. This has left me with 50% of the feeling in my left leg; so riding a standard two-wheel bike is possible but dangerous. It was March 2011 when I signed the papers on my 2011 RT limited and it has become a love hate relationship with this bike. I love everything about it except when I have to stop for fuel every 2 hours; it takes away from being in the zone of pure happiness.


The first year we took a trip to San Francisco from our home here in Alberta, we headed to Vancouver BC then crossed the ferry over to Vancouver Island, stayed the night there and then headed on the ferry over to Port Angeles to start our trip down the coastal highway. It was a great trip! In all the 17 days, we only had 5 hours of rain. Once we got down to our destination we spent a few days there doing the tourist thing. It was a great trip down and I recommend it to everyone. Our trip back took us through the high desert of Oregon up to Crater Lake again, another great spot for riding.

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In 2012, I made a solo trip to the Owners event in Durango, Colorado. That was probably the best road trip of my life. I went through Montana down to Idaho, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado back to Utah, Idaho, Montana and back home. I hit 14 national parks, maybe more, it was amazing. The owners event was a blast and the riding around Durango may be some of the best I ever been on. Coming from a cool climate like Alberta and riding in the middle of summer in the heat of Arizona was an eye opening experience; we always say here that you can dress for the cold but that heat was something else! Wow!

I have some major plans for my Spyder RT this year. I’m going to be painting, at the factory, black plastic to match the bike and I’m going to be changing the color of the bike as well. I am sending the parts over to Ron at Kamikaze Customs in Montreal to get some Hydro Dipping done. Stay tuned for that! I can’t wait for summer!

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John Lafortune

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  1. Good story John….Merci.

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