A Winding Road – Terri Clark

By Terri Clark

 Spyder riders are a rare breed of people.  They aren’t afraid to try something new, or they wouldn’t be riding a Spyder.  We like to have fun feeling the wind in our face.   And of course, there’s nothing better than the challenge of conquering the long and winding road and then sharing the experience with other like-minded Spyder lovers.  We are like a big family.

 A friend told me recently that he noticed a lot of people in the Spyder world making reference to their faith in their posts.  He was intrigued by how their faith seemed to be a source of strength for them as they faced some pretty dark roads.  I guess he asked me because I’m a Christian speaker and hold strong convictions.  He wondered what my “take” on these “Faith-Riders” was.

 It’s kind of like this…I remember once, when I was a brand-new Spyder rider, some of us went for a nighttime ride up a very steep and curvy mountain road.  It was pitch black in this thick, wooded area, so the only light was from our headlights. 

 My husband is an experienced rider, so he was leading.  I was behind him and our two friends, Erick and Leira, were behind me.  As long as Harvey stayed in front of me, within my headlight range, I was fine on that steep, twisty road.  I could see him approaching the turns first and followed his lead.   But because Harvey couldn’t resist the challenge of the road, he forgot about me behind him.  Ramping up his speed, he took off up the mountain.  I tried to keep up, but fear (and sound wisdom) finally got the best of me and I just fell back and let him go on ahead.  By now, Erick and Leira were some distance back and I was left alone to find my way in the dark.


Harvey, Terri, Leira and Erick 

 I hadn’t realized how much I depended on Harvey’s lights in front of me until they weren’t there anymore.  For an inexperienced rider like myself, it was pretty scary starting into a curve and then see a 30ft drop-off just a couple feet from the edge of the road.  Some of the turns were so sharp and unexpected, at times the road would twist right while my headlights were still going straight.  My clutch was getting a real work-out.

 So what does that have to do with faith?  Well, for a lot of us Spyder lovers the road we’re traveling down is full of unexpected twists and turns; tough times, family problems, health issues, etc.  It‘s in these dark times that we need more than a love for the road to get us through.  We need some light shining on the road so we can see which way to go.  And that’s what our faith in God does.  He is our light. (AKA The Light of the World)

 After a couple minutes on that dark, mountain road, Erick and Leira caught up to me.  Their headlights gave me the added confidence I needed to go on.  Then we all rode together and caught up with Harvey.  When you have a problem, the natural thing to do is look to your friends for support—there is strength in numbers.  If those friends are Christians, your faith is combined with theirs and God’s light is that much brighter.   The Bible says when two or three come together in His Name…He’s right there with them, listening and answering their prayers.  That’s why you see people posting prayer requests.


 We all think we have it together and can handle whatever comes along, but everyone has those times when we come to the end of our own “know how.”  That’s when our faith will get us through no matter how dark it gets or how treacherous the road.  Unlike my husband, God won’t run off and leave us. 

 When we are heading down an unfamiliar road and don’t know which way to go, He didn’t leave us to figure it out on our own.  He gave us a pretty good GPS—the Bible.  It is full of wisdom, instruction, promises, and hope.  And for those of us who have been following this GPS for a while, we can tell you first hand, it will get you where you need to be—without taking you off on a rabbit trail. 

 A lot of us have some pretty bad roads behind us, we’re not perfect and we know it.  But even so, once we decided to get off that road and follow Him, we discovered it is a much better way to go.  And doing it on a Spyder, along with some good friends and the wind in your face, it’s even better.


Terri Clark

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2 Responses

  1. Brenda Thompson says:

    You absolutely echo my words I tell people. Thanks for sharing

  2. BajaRon says:

    She Rides
    She’s a Great Cook
    And she puts up with Harvey!
    You are One Rare Girl Terri!

    See you at Spyderfest!

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