B.B.Q with a small cornhole tournament

Those who know me have long known that I am a person of reserved nature and a little bit of a loner. It’s not that I do not like the company of people, quite the contrary, but let’s just say that in the presence of several people, I’m not one to take the floor. I prefer to observe and listen to what people say and do. Since I started riding a Spyder, getting involved in a Spyder club and now, as a partner with my friend Pierre in Spyder TV, I am slowly beginning to externalize a little bit more, slowly but surely. When you’re part of a club or a group, you meet so many interesting people that you do not really have a choice to share your stories with them and this is done very naturally.

The past year was a busy one with the organization of several activities and rides. Several of them were memorable but one that will stay with me is a ride we made amongst friends and that led us to St-Jean-de-Matha, at Francine’s and Jean-Pierre’s.

spyder tv album jp 9We started with a lovely ride that our friend Lucy had planned beautifully. Like a true master, she guided the ten Spyder that followed her to destination while we explored roads that many of us had never taken. Once we arrived in St-Jean-de-Matha, Francine and Jean-Pierre were waiting for us in their charmingly decorated home. Their house, which is along the bank of a river, is beautifully landscaped and you can feel the calmness of the place. It feels good when you’re used to the stress of the city.

spyder tv album jp 27Once the welcome greetings ended, we had a small cornhole tournament. Obviously, the challenges had been launched a few days ago and it was time to show what we were capable of doing. In a friendly atmosphere, with people you love, time flies. The meal that awaited us was a barbecue that Jean-Pierre had started to prepare in the morning. It was just divine. We ate well, we drank and we told lots of stories. It was really nice! Like all good things come to an end, we had to go back home in the evening but with our heads full of memories, thank you Jean-Pierre and Francine! And, let’s not forget Pierre who made ​​this meeting possible.

That’s what riding a Spyder is all about! You meet interesting people with whom you want to share a small part of your life. The only regret I have in all of this, is that it took me 47 years to be able to live these moments.

Claude Leblanc

Spyder TV

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