It is in 2006, on the famous “Tail of the Dragon” road in North Carolina that the first unauthorized picture would have been taken of the surprising three-wheeled vehicle that would later be marketed under the name of BRP CANAM Spyder. It took nearly 10 years of research and development to develop.

spyder tv article rené lavoie brpThe media unveiling of the new Y designed vehicle, a hybrid device between a motorcycle and a car, was held on February 9th, 2007 to the public, the media and BRP dealers. The interest and admiration for this new sports vehicle is immediate. BRP, faithful to tradition, launches with a bang this new road vehicle, which integrates both a wealth of innovative technologies and an eye-catching design.

Mass production will start in October 2007, and Unit 001 will end up in Jay Leno’s garage, famous American talk show host (Tonight Show) and a big amateur of motorized sports vehicles.

At the press conference opening, the president of BRP, José Boisjoli, said that 20,000 potential customers have already tested a Spyder in 11 states, 4 Canadian provinces and 8 European countries.

The first model produced is a Spyder GS powered by a Rotax 990 V-Twin EFI, which develops 106 HP. A 5-speed manual transmission is available on the base model, with a 5 semi-automatic transmission (electronic control) option. This first urban flavor creation, which does not permit carrying baggage, evolves rapidly with the addition of removable trunks and a sportier version look.

In June of 2008, BRP will host its first ever gathering of Spyder owners, bringing together more than 350 new owners among the first to have adopted the brand. In addition to the 256 from Quebec who will participate in the event which took place in Valcourt, Quebec, 42 came from the state of New York, 14 from Massachusetts, 6 from Michigan, 6 from Pennsylvania, 5 each from Florida, Connecticut and Ontario, and 1 or 2 from a multitude of other states. All of them experienced a big premiere, a historic moment.

spyder tv article rené lavoie brp 2

Spyder RT

Then in 2010, BRP aims for another type of customer with the introduction of the RT model, its first incursion into “Touring” with a larger model with better seats, an air suspension at the rear, an electrically adjustable windscreen, and large molded trunks. Despite a significantly higher price, customers show up to support it.

Then in 2014, another change of direction for BRP with a major engine change: a 3-cylinder engine that greatly improves torque at low revs. Coupled to a 6-speed transmission, acceleration is more vivid, the gearshifts are smoother and the Spyder gains in fuel economy and autonomy with a 40% improvement approximately.

Despite its young age, the Spyder has steadily evolved, expanding the range of products never stops the increase in the number of followers. If the past is an indication of what the future holds, BRP is quite possibly working on other big developments for its motorized spider.

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