Bullant’s Spyder Garage Tennessee

In the past 2 years, even before Spyder TV was born, i have had the chance to meet ¬†some great people and right at the top of that list are Erick and Leira Del Toro. Before i go out and endorse someone, i get to know them first….and for those of you who know me, well….. i have the reputation to be hard and fair, meaning that i call it like it is, sure i’m not too controversial, i tend to get along with most people….but if i like you, you will know, and if i don’t…. well, guess what, you will know that too !!! The reason that i say that is that i’ve learn to appreciate both Erick and Leira very much this year, both quality people with hearts of gold. That’s why it’s really good to welcome Erick and Bullant’s Spyder Garage t0 the Spyder TV family.

Erick lives in the Memphis area of the states, Arlington Tennessee to be exact. Working hand in and with 2 very experiences men, Lamont Bryden from Lamonster’s Garage and Harvey Clark AKA Spyderpops. Erick has acquired some serious skills in the last year and he’s now ready to start his own thing while still collaborating with his friends from time to time. He works on most Spyder modifications, like lights and add ons from Spyderpops but his main thing is his laser alignments. So if you are looking to get some work done, give him a call, i know that Erick organizes some “Laser Alignment parties” where he will hit the road to meet up with a group of riders.

Welcome to the Family Erick…..we wish you the best.

You can visit Erick on his web site.

On his Facebook Page.

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