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Can Am Spyder F3 meets Phantom 4 DJI drone – Spyder TV

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This is an exiting day for us at the shop, we are putting our new DJI Phantom 4 drone to the test. We just got this beauty in and boy does it deliver on our expectations and more. Like most people, we’ve seen footage on the web and TV of drones filming anything from cars racing to wild life, but to get your hands on one and actually see that you can, as a beginner, capture images and videos just like the professionals….WOW……

This is my first flight outside the grounds of the STV shop and Studio and I was lucky to get some help and tips from a good friend of min, Guillaume Moisan. We took the drone to a safe area, back roads we’re there are very few cars and obstacles, few overhead power lines and no houses. The video that you’re about to see was shot in about 25 minutes. It was a fast in and out, got the shots we wanted and headed back home in a hurry to see the footage on our computer. We put this short video together to show you the potentiel of this drone, we think we will get better really fast and provide you with beautiful images of the Spyder world…. Keep watching us on

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