Charlyne Baker A.K.A Flamingobabe !!!

Have you ever stop to ask yourself: can I learn to ride a motorcycle?

Well, that is what I did for almost 20 years; always riding behind my husband, Mark.  About half way through the 20 years, I went and took the Texas Motorcycle Safety Course.  I passed and went and purchased a 2001 Honda Shadow. I had it 2 years and put maybe 200 miles on it. I could not find my happy place, so I sold the Shadow.

2008: here comes the Can-am Spyder! 2 wheels up front and one in the back…I start hanging out and lurking on Here you can find any and everything about the Spyder.

2010: Home alone, so I start looking for used Spyders on the internet. WOW! I find one that is about 15 miles away. I want to go look at it.  I call…the guy is busy for a couple of days, so I set up an appointment for when Mark will be home, he can go with me.  He thinks I’m CRAZY…..we have been down this road before. The day comes and we go look at the Spyder. We meet at a big parking lot and the guy asks: “Do you want to ride it?” I think to myself: “Are you crazy? Yeah, I want to ride it”. I take off going at 5mph, and then at 10mph… wee, I’m having fun! I’m turning, going in figure eights, accelerating and stopping. I’m having a blast! I look up and Mark and the guy are shaking hands…yep, it’s now MY 2009 Spyder RS. Mark rides the Spyder home, tells me to go get my riding clothes on because we are leaving in 3 days to go to Tucumcari, New Mexico…some 800 miles away. Within 1 week of ownership, I had over 2000 miles on the Spyder. I found my Happy Place!

Mark and I started traveling: 2 years, 50,000 miles, 48 U.S. states and 3 Canadian provinces! We did it….we’re having fun now!

October 2011: I get a call from Can-am. They want me to test ride the new 2013 ST. Too exciting…Oh GREAT!!! Now I have to sell my 2009 and purchase a 2013 ST.

March 2013: I fly to Pittbull Powersports in Springfield, MO to pick up my new 2013 ST.

I have over 67,000 miles on two Spyders in a little over 3 years and I have traveled about a third of the miles by myself. I traveled to Spyderfest, Owner’s Event, Spyders in the Redwoods, Lamonsters BBQ and just wandering here and there. If you think you want to, learn to ride a motorcycle and check out Can-am Spyder. I Love my Spyder and have found My Happy Place!

       Charlyne Baker (a.k.a. Flamingobabe)

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4 Responses

  1. Mark Baker says:

    That’s my Babe!!!!! she’s a RYDER!!!!!!

  2. missouriboy says:

    Flamingobabe, you are an inspiration to all, including the guys. You GO girl!!!

  3. Jack Guenther says:

    Charlyne rocks!

  4. homer hill says:

    Charlyne love to ride and she double rocks.

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