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Girls Just Want to Have Fun                                

By Leira Del Toro

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Why should guys have all the fun?  Plenty of us girls love to ride too! In fact I am amazed at how many Girls on Spyders are actually out there!  Some enjoy riding on the back seat, others have their own bikes, riding weekends, and that’s great.  But there are lots of us who look for any excuse to fire up our Spyders and head out into the wind. 

 The Can-Am Spyder community is full of adventure-seeking women like Karyl from Washington State.  She’s in her 70’s and travels by herself across the U.S. on her RT just for the adventure.  And Charlene “Flamingo Babe” from Texas, who has burned up the roads in 48 states and 3 Canadian Provinces on her 2009 RS sporting lots of bling and pink feathers, or Linda from Missouri who rides a Purple RT, wearing all things purple.  But don’t think these girls are just in the U.S.  In fact, they’re all over the globe!  Like Chantal in Belgium, Christina in Canada, Ileana in Costa Rica, Sabine in France and even Meemo in Jordan, just to name a few.

  Well, I can tell you I have not been out there globe trotting…These and over 1000 more have all become my sisters through the Girls on Spyders (GOS) Facebook Page.  Girls on Spyders is a girls-only Facebook Group consisting of women who love their Spyders.  They are from all across the U.S., Canada and around the world.  

 I Was Hooked

I kind of got into this thing by accident.  The thought of riding a motorcycle never even occurred to me until 2010 when my husband, Erick, made up his mind that he was going to buy a Can Am Spyder RT.  Not knowing much about the Spyder, I was a little hesitant and had my doubts.  But just to keep an open mind on that chilly, November day, I agreed to take a short test ride on the back with the dealer.  My husband said money couldn’t buy the grin on my face as we pulled back into the lot—It told the whole story!  He knew I was hooked!

 Erick and I loved the long rides in all kinds of weather, so we were always checking out new gear and special riding clothes.  This new hobby was changing me.  One day Erick decided to teach me the basics of riding the Spyder.  He said, just in case anything ever happened to him, I would know how to drive it.  He had no idea he was creating a monster!

Erick and I got to know other Spyder riders at the Second Spyderfest in Cuba, Missouri.  We loved the people, the bikes and the ride.  The BRP Owner’s Event in Maggie Valley, North Carolina was a lot of fun too, but it got even better when I received some unexpected good news—I got a promotion at work!   Right then and there I made a big decision.  We were about to become a two-Spyder family because I was getting me a Spyder!  In June I bought a beautiful new 2011 RSS in Alloy Orange.

How It All Began

Soon enough, I wanted to know anything and everything about the Can Am Spyder.  Since I had been having fun with a Facebook group I started for my dogs, I thought, “Why not start a Facebook group for girls on Spyders?”  There had to be other girls out there who had these machines and loved them as much as me.  It would be a great place to communicate and trade ideas.

 At first Girls on Spyders (GOS) was just 25-50 members.  But then someone posted about it on the Can-Am Facebook page.  I came home from work and had over 100 requests to join in just one day!  That’s when I asked Faran for help in the Administration of GOS—It was just too much for one person to handle alone.  Faran was a new BRP Ambassador and won a Spyder.  We hit it off right away.  She jumped right in and we have become the best of friends.

 The group was growing fast and guys kept trying to join, but we wanted to keep it a “girls only” group—a safe place to post questions and girl stuff without feeling dumb or intimidated. Because there is such a sisterhood in GOS, within a year we had around 500 members.  We steadily grew—especially after the next Spyderfest.  That’s where the GOS logo made its debut.  We put the logo on stickers for bikes and helmets and on t-shirts.  Almost as soon as they were put up for sale, they disappeared.  It wasn’t long after that, we decided to incorporate as a non-profit. 

 Because of the demand, we had more t-shirts printed and began to sell them to our members.  It was hard to keep them in stock!  I worked all day at my job, then came home and sorted and packed up t-shirts and decals all night. In October of 2013, GOS hit 1000 members.  We celebrated big!  Today we are over 1200 strong, and growing every single day!

 Our members are good friends.  We talk about all things Spyder…posting upcoming rides, events, pics and mods—and yes, even Sock Monkeys.  (I’ll have to save that story for another day.) Meeting up with a bunch of GOS sisters in person at rides or Spyder events is so much fun.  Anyone can post a problem and get 30+ helpful suggestions, or ask a question and come away with all the information they can possibly use.  If anyone has a personal need, they know they don’t have to go at it alone.  There are plenty of GOS sisters to stand with her.

What started out as a fun way to get to know other women who love their Spyders as much as I did, has grown into an International Sisterhood of Fun-Loving Girls on Spyders.

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16 Responses

  1. flamingobabe says:

    GREAT story….we love our GOS systers

  2. I just love a good story….. congrats to all who have invested time in GOS to make it the success it is……Pierre from Spyder TV.

  3. Kris Brewer says:

    I, too, was a backseat ryder after Bruiser, my husband, bought a 2010 RT. My story is almost the same as Leira, as he asked me if I wanted to learn how to ryde. When he couldn’t keep me off of our one, we bought a 2012 RT and have been enjoying the ryde ever since. GOS has brought so many of us together in a common bond of ryding, but it is so much more. We care for one another, pray for one another, and can be very crazy at times, too! Thank you Leira for starting such a wonderful group and for Faran for becoming co-admin. Proud to be a GOS!

  4. Rea Richardson says:

    Well done my friend!
    What a great read, thank you so much for sharing!
    GOS #353

  5. Mary Dockham says:

    Congratulations Leira and Faran on the success of GOS. This is an amazing group of talented, intelligent, and caring women who have bonded because of their the love of riding to form this sisterhood. I will be forever grateful to have joined GOS.

  6. Carol Currin #67 says:

    I love my spyder & so thankful Leira & Faran started GOS. I have made such good friends on GOS and look forward to seeing them at spyder events. I’m glad we did the above picture. Such great memories.

  7. Marsha Fowler says:

    Thank you Leira and Faran for creating a place where all these unique women can come together to enjoy their common interest~~SPYDERS. It is an eye opening joyful experience!
    GOS #636

  8. Daune (Dawn)Pizzicara says:

    Excited to hear about GOS. I ride my Spyder with my 2 dogs.

  9. Susan Harkness says:

    Leira , I am so glad that you and Faran were able to make this group work. Even though I am in BC canada I still go on to learn so many things, make friends with people you don’t even know , and sometimes just to get a little chuckle!
    Once again thanks for all you do for your Spyder Systers !!

  10. Jane Reed says:

    Thanks for a great article about GOS. I started out as a reporter writing and photographing at the very first Spyderfest in Cuba, Mo. My husband and I were loaned a Spyder go along on a ride with me photographing from the second seat. Spyderfest 2, the same thing. Before Spyderfest 3, I said we were buying a used one of our own, and we became part of MOGang. Three months later we traded for a new RT. Last May, I got my own RS. It’s addictive. LOL. We love our Spyderfest community.

  11. Connie Hathorn says:

    I can not thank you ladies enough for allowing me to be a part of this group. There are not really any spyder riders around me.for the first two yrs I had my spyder I was alone in my little spyder world. But since GOS found me my world has opened up I have gone on road trips to meet several sisters and I cant wait for this cold to vanish so I can get out and meet several more and find lots of new untraveled miles!

  12. Denise Pipher says:

    My husband and I recently got married (Nov. 2012), little did he know how addicted to wind therapy I was. My husband is a Dr. of Pharmacy and NEVER even considered being on a bike…that is until he met me. We bought the first bike (RT Limited) in 4 months after we got married. We took it to Bike Week in Myrtle Beach, I of course was the primary driver. Well, that didn’t go over well when a Harley Dude started picking on him. He wore a straight face the entire week. The day after we got home he went straight to the Can Am dealer and bought his own…an ST-S. Yes HE’S ADDICTED!!!

  13. Denise Pipher says:

    GOS #1058

  14. Sherryl Anctil says:

    Fantastic article! I love being part of GOS. I’ve made so many new friends and am meeting new systers everyday. Thanks for everything you and Faran do to keep this group going!

  15. Kirsi Vehkaperä says:

    Hi, I am from Finland and haven’t found any spyder clubs from here, it’s so nice that you have the club for ladys too. I live in a small town name Vaasa and I am the only one here with Spyder…you can imagine how people react, they even take photos, hahhaa…, :-)
    Well, soon it’ s spring and we will ride again or what?
    ( can’t waite )…

  16. Deborah Merrill says:

    GOS has been a wonderful place to know whats going on in the world of Spyders… and its nice to know women that ryde these wonderful bikes and Thank BRP/Can-Am for putting me on a motorcycle that can stand up and hold its own next to the Rest of them!

    I have loved both of mine! I had a 2011 RTS SE5 and now I Own a RT Limited SE6! I am a 3rd generation motorcycle rider and I would not trade mine for anything!
    Zephyrhills FL GOS #412 (and in your picture above at Spyderfest last year!)

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