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Good times on my Spyder

Let me take a little time to tell you how the passion for the Spyder came to me and my ‚ÄúBig Bear”. When the first Spyder made its appearance in 2009, Big Bear felt a great desire to get one, one of these days. That day arrived on December 29th, 2011 when he acquired, for the first time in his life, his own Spyder that he could not use until the summer of 2012. Oh! How that winter seemed long to him!

 For my part, I was not sure at all until the day we went to Summum Sports to buy clothes. It is at this point that I took 2 minutes to sit on a Spyder, because when my husband had acquired his Spyder, I obviously was not aware. What was my surprise when he showed me the key to the gadget in question?  So, it was only 3 or 4 months later that I finally sat on a Spyder.

¬†Once on the bike, I felt a great feeling and I felt safe. After the motorcycle course my husband took, we went riding a few times around the neighborhood and I really started to get hooked. One day after a big storm that wreaked havoc in St- Eustache, we went to see the damage and we met 3 couples who had bikes like ours. One of the men told us about the ‚ÄúSpyder Club des Laurentides‚ÄĚ. Sylvain went to get information so that we could make new friends and see beautiful landscapes.

 The first ride was on the South Shore; we left very early in the morning and did not return until that evening. What a beautiful day! Roads, landscapes and all the places we would never have seen. Wow, it was beautiful and the members were very friendly. We can say that it is thanks to you, Spyder Club, that we had the good fortune to see all of this. However, it was also a very tiring day, for the first time, I came home exhausted, but with my head full of breathtaking images.

 The following year, we went to almost all the Saturday rides; new faces would appear every week and I, sitting behind Big Bear, would be taking pictures. I really feel the sensation of living in the moment. What a great feeling! I forget my worries and I think of nothing, only the well-being that I am living in that moment.

 To conclude, I will share with you our encounters with fantastic members. What a joy to see them every weekend; beautiful smiles and of course, all those people who have the same passion and love of the Spyder. So, I say a big thank you to my love who turned what at first was only a dream into what has now become a passion. Now, I have as much fun as he does. We enjoyed so much our summer that we are now involved in the club, for fun of course, and to continue what passionate people have undertaken. Thank you to you all.

 Manon Denis and Sylvain Bouffard

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