How and why I became a Spyder owner

This is a story on how and why I became a Spyder owner.

        A little biography about me, I am currently 50 years old Рgosh that sounds weird-, I live in Semmes, Alabama near Mobile, Alabama.  This is home; I’ve been here the better part of my life.  I am currently single and enjoying life with all of friends and toys.  

         I bought my Spyder RT/Limited in July of 2012 and have really enjoyed it greatly.  I had a few issues with the electrical system, but it was quickly diagnosed by the help of other Spyder owners on Spyderlovers.  My dealer was surprised on how much knowledge I had on this ride in a very short time.  The alignment was the next issue that I had; it was discovered in November 2012, extremely toe in wear.  It cost $250.00 USD to have it aligned and shortly after the fact, BRP emailed me back and told me to take it to a dealer to have it corrected.  The dealer gave me a credit for the job.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† The biggest thing that I noticed about Spyder owners is the friendship they have with each other. ¬†After going to several events, local and national, I have friends all over with the same interests. ¬†It‚Äôs great to ride on great roads and locations across the country like the Blue Ridge Mountains, the twisty roads in Northern Arkansas and many other local roads right here in the south. ¬†Getting together with friends in different areas and showing me their favorite riding spots, showing me their hospitality builds a great friendship to last a lifetime and I‚Äôm planning to visit them again in the near future. ¬†My local friends are very close; they‚Äôre the ones I ride with the most with our riding group, ‚ÄúDeep South Spyder Riders‚ÄĚ, we have 1 to 4 rides a month. ¬†Not everyone can attend all the rides, but all make an effort to do so. ¬†We consist of riders in 4 states: AL, FL, LA, and MS.

         Why I like the Spyder?  It gives me comfort and control on the road.  It makes me look classy on this ride, turns heads and complete strangers become friends instantly.  The Spyder is a machine, not an insect.  I don’t idolize the spider; the only good spider is the one that I have stepped on.  

         I had a friend downgrading the Spyder, comparing it to the Harley Davidson motorcycle on some issues he was having on his RTS.  He said that he didn’t have issues on the HD and that the Spyder had too many issues.  Harley has been out for about 75 years or more; the Spyder only 7 years! Could you imagine the Spyder being out for 75 years?  Wow, it would be even more awesome!  

         I guess this winds it up about me and my experience with the Spyder family.  I am looking forward to more events and making new friends in the very near future.

Randall Hydock

Spyder owner



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