The Dragon’s Tail is a stretch of road that runs from eastern Tennessee into North Carolina. The road gets its name from its numerous curves, which give it a similar appearance to the tail of a dragon. Due to its turns, the stretch is known by motorcyclists and sports car enthusiasts as a great riding road, but the road also has proven a dangerous stretch. So, if you want to ride the Dragon’s Tail in Tennessee, you should heed some safety advice.

Items you will need

  • Heavy-duty motorcycle clothing
Step 1

Take precautions before getting on the road if you plan to ride it on a motorcycle. Both Tennessee and North Carolina have motorcycle helmet laws for all riders, so a helmet is mandatory. The constant turns in the road, though, can prove difficult to navigate for some riders, so heavy clothing may provide some protection in case of a spill.

Step 2

Take U.S. Route 129 all the way to the Dragon’s Tail, or get on Route 129 from State Route 28 in southwestern North Carolina, or from Foothills Parkway or Happy Valley Road in Eastern Tennessee. These are the closest intersecting roads in each state.

Step 3

Observe the 30-miles-per-hour speed limit on the Dragon’s Tail. The highway patrol has cracked down heavily on those drivers looking for a thrill on the Dragon’s Tail due to the high number of deaths on the stretch of road. Be safe and legal by going the posted speed limit.

Step 4

Watch out for other drivers and motorcycles. Even if you abide by the law and go the posted speed limit on the Dragon’s Tail, other drivers may not. The Dragon’s Tail sees many severe accidents every year, so be vigilant while traveling the road.

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