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I bought myself a little gift !!

Like many “Baby Boomers”, I wanted to get, for my 50th birthday, a Harley to get the feeling of riding a bike; instead I opted for a red Mustang convertible. For my 55th birthday, the eve of our wedding anniversary (32 years of living together with my partner), I asked her if she had something planned for the evening. She asked me why. I told her that I would like to go see the Spyder at a dealer to give me an idea of the machine. I had seen it in a specialized program for motorcycles; the Spyder, a kind of three -wheeled motorcycle was safer than a motorcycle, considering that my wife was not reassured by the purchase of a motorcycle.

So, we went to a BRP dealer to “look” at the Spyder. We looked carefully at the “machine”, I had my wife sit on it to see if she was comfortable, if she was able to handle it, etc. While my wife was looking at the clothes in the boutique, I was asking about the price, differences between colors, financing, etc. When my wife came back from the boutique, she asked me: “Can you see us on that?” “And why not?”, I responded. Thereafter, when visiting my daughter, I asked my daughter the same question that my wife had asked me: “Can you see us on a Spyder?”; My daughter answered:  “Yeah of course, I can see you on one, it’s a shame, I just sold my bike, damn.” Back at home, I asked my wife: “Do you want to come with me tomorrow, I’ll buy it”. I had already taken the bait.

Finally, the next day, I returned to the dealership and I tried and purchased it. Since then, I am the proud owner of a 2012 White Spyder RT Limited, which is the color my wife wanted for safety, not knowing that it was the most expensive. During a visit on a Saturday morning, I realized that many Spyders were passing me by one after another. Surprised to see so many Spyders, I asked an employee what was going on and she told me that it was the Spyder Club Laurentides leaving for a ride. For the first time, I met Claude Leblanc who was in charge of the club and he invited me to join them for a ride. Not being able to join them that morning, I got information on the club and got their coordinates.

This is when a great adventure begins. Since we joined the club, our weekends are filled with great adventures. With the Spyder Club Laurentides, I’ve discovered places throughout Quebec that I did not know, but more importantly, I met GREAT people who are close to all and fraternize with everyone; dedicated and passionate Spyder lovers.

Thank you to Claude and Christine, Pierre and Lidia, Josée and André, Michel, François, Baloo, Flasher, Chantal and Luc and all the other members who are with us every week in our journeys. You are great and I look forward to Saturdays for our ride.

Finally, thanks to the Spyder, I discovered a new group of friends but also a freedom that I did not know. When I ride my Spyder, I forget everything…

 Marc Roy

Spyder lover

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  1. Jean Pierre says:

    Marc good story ,ask your wife if see you on a 2014 lol

  2. Yvon Simard says:

    Bravo Marc pour le récit de ton cheminement pour l’achat de ton Spyder. Une autre belle histoire qui finit bien. Longue route et espérons que l’on se croisera l’été prochain.

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