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It all began in San Diego


Spyder Ryder of America (SRA) began November 2nd of 2010 with 18 members in San Diego, California; since then, we have grown to 18 Chapters with nearly 1500 members coast to coast, all by word of mouth alone. We are a family-oriented club that has grown as a result of our welcoming atmosphere. The original San Diego chapter has grown to 70+ members with members coming from all walks of life. Our members range in age from Mid-twenty something’s to Eighty something’s and from every demographic along the way. The state with the most chapters is California, with 5 Spyder Ryder of America Chapters (Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, and the San Francisco Bay Area).


We are passionate about doing whatever we can to connect Spyder ryders across this country, getting them out and about, while collecting miles on the machines they love. Our primary mission is to give Can-Am Spyder owners a place to gather to meet other owners as we promote rider safety. Each chapter is non-profit and they often support several charities each year, our favorite charity is The Ride for Kids benefiting the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation raising nearly $12,000 in 2013 (at this year’s ride in San Diego SRA members were responsible for contributing just over $8000). The last three years, we had more Spyders than any other manufacturer in attendance at the San Diego event.

We are a Spyder owners / ryders group that love to get together and ride. Our members have attended the BRP Can-Am Spyder National Owners event in Durango, Colorado as well as Maggie Valley North Carolina since 2011, in addition to the other large Spyder Rallies throughout the last several years.

Spyder Ryder of America hosts its own Western States event in Northern California each year, Spyders in the Redwoods; the organizers are now gearing up for the 4th annual event in Eureka, California this year. Last year’s event brought nearly 180 people together to share all things Spyder as we rode through the magnificent Yosemite Valley and enjoyed the sights and attractions the Sonora area had to offer.

Spyder owners are a different kind of riders: We don’t quite fit in a single category, Sport Bike rider, Sport Touring, Touring, or Cruiser, we tend to be a little each of a few of these categories, with some ryders fitting more in one category than others do, but we don’t want to be put in single box.

I was the first president of the San Diego Chapter and I am now a member of the management board for the National organization, assisting chapters as they form and grow their membership. I often tell people as a result of me owning a Spyder and wanting to ride with other owners, I now count my fellow SRA Members as family; often, these are people that I would have never crossed paths with under any other circumstances had it not been for the Can-Am Spyder.


If you would like more information or to start your own Chapter in your area, contact us at:

George Parry

Associate National Director

Spyder Ryder of Americatm

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