It was time for us to have a “real ride”


Carole and I are newcomers to the Spyder world. This was our first season. After a few rides with the Spyder Club Laurentides and 14 hours to get to New Brunswick, it was time for us to have a “real ride”… That’s where we got the idea to ride the 2.400 km separating Montreal and Cape Canaveral, in Florida, in order to visit our friends and cousins, Richard and Johanne. Not bad for beginners.

Several had recommended going to Florida with the Spyder on a trailer and to travel the roads once we were in Florida, but we decided to live it fully and do the complete ride on the Spyder. Equipped with a small home-made trailer for luggage, we decided to include a small gas can, for safety. It was not used, but it was reassuring to know it was nearby. It was the most memorable experience and oh, what a feeling of freedom!

Our objective was to travel an average of 600 km (400 miles) per day and the trip took 4 days, riding 10 hours daily. And yes, we had rain and sometimes strong winds, but we had no major problems, except that my visor was damaged by a side wind, while my wife was driving. We had to resort to the good old Duct Tape to solve the problem. Fortunately, Duct Tape is now available in black.

People noticed our Quebec license and we received full of encouragements throughout the course. Motorists photographed and even filmed us while driving. People simply did not believe it. We got High-Five greetings and people even coming to talk to us when we made road stops. They had lots of questions and wanted to know more about the Can- Am Spyder as well as our itinerary. They were impressed with our enthusiasm towards a project of this magnitude.

After 4 days on the road and 2.400 km later, no aches, no stress, only 2.400 km of happiness! We left the Spyder in storage and returned home by plane. We’ll go back in January to continue our Spyder adventure in Florida. Next destination, the Keys and why not a little detour on the west coast of Florida before returning home for a new destination that will be just as exciting as the one we just experienced.

We are proud to have succeeded in our challenge and encourage people for who this kind of project interests them to not hesitate to experience it. You will not regret it, guaranteed!

Carole and Michel

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