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It’s our vision of a “Spyder World”

It‚Äôs our vision of a ‚ÄúSpyder World‚ÄĚ!!

A year in the making, countless sleepless nights and here we are…. My friend Claude Leblanc and I have dreamed of this moment for months. Spyder TV came to me in the dead of night, woke up and there it was, a clear vision of a brand new Spyder world where a community came together to ride, share stories and walk away with new friends. What a place that would be, getting the best of all worlds, having the BRP dealerships, the parts and accessories vendors, the countless Facebook groups and all the Spyder Clubs in the same place like never before.

 A lot of friends and business partners came together to put forth this product. We hope you enjoy what we have put together and look forward to having your input and help to get this project running at full speed. We have laid down the foundation for something pretty amazing, now we need a little help from you guys by sending us the best photos and videos that you have of you and your friends riding across the globe, we will share those with a worldwide community that is growing fast, really fast…..

World Calendar

We are proud to provide a world calendar for events, rides and activities all related to the Spyder community. Our objective is to have a calendar that is covered top to bottom with all the weekly and monthly rides that are held by all the clubs and Facebook groups. The annual events that keep coming back like the Owners Event from BRP and Spyderfest held by Pit Bull Powersports in Springfield, Missouri. More of these events are popping up all over the world and we want them shared for all to see!! Welcome to Spyder Rally and Spyder Quest too, we wish you luck! Send in your event calendar to or drop us a line to ask questions you might have for us, it will be our pleasure to help you out. All groups and Spyder Clubs get their calendars put up for free, no charge people!!! So help out your organization by getting free exposure with Spyder TV as a partner!!

 World Map

Our world map as been broken down into 6 sections to make it easier to navigate. Here you will find all the Can Am Spyder Dealerships, the parts and accessories vendors, Facebook groups, Spyder Clubs and our Spyder TV sponsors and partners. A lot of work and hours were put in this section because we know how important it is to have everything at your finger tip. As Spyder TV expands, look for the vendors to be more and more present and sponsors as well. If you are a vendor and would like to have information on how to become a partner/sponsor of Spyder TV, please email us at to get a media kit that includes a full price list for exposure and the special promotion that we have for our first 3 months.

 Photos and video

Spyder TV is looking to go on the road to bring you the latest news from all over the world. We want to come and see you in Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe, not forgetting Canada and the United States of America. We will show only the best of videos and photos, take the challenge by sending in the best that you’ve got, Spyder TV just might put it up for all to see, you can watch Spyder TV, or be Spyder TV!!

Pierre Poliquin

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  1. Josée Dicaire says:

    Wow!!! Génial le site. Bravo, un super beau travail :)

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