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Lidia’s adventure….

I discovered the Spyder with Pierre who is real passionate. After I discovered all kinds of beautiful scenery through our many journeys, I soon had the insatiable desire for all things Spyder. With a little bit of courage, I then decided to take the Spyder course in order to be able to drive a Spyder on my own, so the adventure began!

Among the most memorable journeys we took, one was when we crossed the state of Colorado and saw its beautiful mountains. One of my favorite routes was “The Million Dollar Highway”, we thought we were in the Wild West. Riding for miles and miles to see these breathtaking places is a true paradise for motorcycles. We also went to Arizona to discover its sandy landscapes.  We went to the “Four Corners”, the place where four U.S. states intersect: Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. It is quite spectacular to think that in the middle of the desert we can change states by simply taking a single step; striking, it is difficult to imagine that such landscapes grace the Earth. There were also many events in which we participated, but one that was for me the most poignant was our journey to support the residents of Lac- Mégantic. Over 120 spyders / motorbikes took to the journey with everybody wearing a green ribbon of solidarity, to participate in this fundraiser, a day filled with emotions.

All in all, the Spyder has become a passion for me, a sense of freedom, not only for the breathtaking scenery that it allows us to discover but also for the memories that are created; memories of trips we took but mostly of people we met on our way!

Long live the Spyder!


Lidia Santosuosso

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  1. Glad to have been part of those trips…..Loved the Rocky mountains !!

  2. Carl Quick says:

    I’ve seen it on two wheels and alone. But now I am going back and taking my wife and we will be ryding our Spyder RT Limited and getting a different perspective on its beauty.

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