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I started my experience with BRP in 2004 when I bought my first Skidoo snowmobile.  I was then hooked and rode 2500+ miles the first year when I lived in upstate New York.  Then, 2 years later, I upgraded when they came out with the new MXZ600.  I saw an article online in February 2007 for the new Cam-Am Spyder Roadster.  I was at my snowmobile dealer getting some snowmobile parts on a Saturday in February, which was the day my dealer returned from the release party in San Diego.  After 45 minutes of talking with him about the features of this machine, I ended up putting down my deposit on a 2008 Can-Am Spyder GS and knew it was going to be 8-9 months before it came in. 


Shortly thereafter, I found and some great conversations started about the new Spyders and I started meeting people from all over the US.  I got the phone call the second week in November that it had arrived even though snow was on the ground.  After picking up the Spyder, I was hooked and loved it. I was one of the first Spyder owners in New York State.  The first year of owning this Spyder, I did 9000 miles, which was the most that I have done on a motorcycle, but loved every minute of it.  I attended the BRP Spyder owner’s event in Valcourt, Canada in June 2008 and met a lot of the people that I have been talking to on spyderlovers forum.  They had over 350 Spyders at this first owner’s event and I was amazed at the amount of customizations that had been done to Spyders from both US and Canadian Spyder owners. 

Over the next year, I had done a lot of customizing of my Spyder to make it my own and more comfortable for touring through the US as I did a lot over the next couple of years.  One of the best trips was with 3 of my Spyder friends when we rode throughout 18 States and 3100 miles in 8 days.  We started with 30 degree weather in upstate New York and the highest temperatures got up to 110 degrees in Mississippi.  I also visited Spyders in the Smokies in Gatlinburg, Tennessee for the 2 years that they had it there and that is where I met Pierre along with many other great Spyder friends.  I attended Daytona Bike Week in March of 2011 and saw the new 2011 Spyder RSS in orange/black flat paint color and fell in love with it and said to myself that it was time to upgrade as BRP made a lot of nice improvements in just 3 years.

Shortly thereafter, I ended up trading in my first Spyder that was just over 3 years old and had 27,000 miles on it.  Then, I ended up relocating to the beautiful state of Virginia with my family after spending the previous 39 years in upstate New York.  Needless to say I have spent a lot of time riding throughout the state of Virginia and it was nice to ride every month of the year from July 2011 through the end of 2012 without having much snow on the roads.  I ended up doing 11,000 miles in 12 months and again loving every minute on my 2011 Spyder RSS exploring all over the eastern United States.  One of the great events that I attended that summer was Spyders in the Adirondacks in upstate New York.  It was great to see all of my old Spyder friends and also nice to meet a lot of new ones. 

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Then, when the 2013 Spyder ST’s was released again, I was amazed at all of the improvements that BRP had done again.  I got a chance to check them out in person in March of 2013 at Daytona Bike Week.   And again, I told myself that I wanted all of the new features of this Spyder, so I ended up trading up to the 2013 Spyder STS.  Once again, I rode throughout the eastern United States including to Spyderfest in Springfield, Missouri which was the furthest west that I have ever been on a motorcycle. It was great to see all of my old Spyder friends and meet a lot of new ones.  Then, on, there was a ton of talk about the new Spyder that was coming out next with a ton of rumors floating around.  September 15th was the big announcement of the new 2014 Spyder RT with the 1330 engine and 6 speed transmission along with a bunch of other nice improvements. 

After all of the new videos, pictures and information came online at, I said to myself that I wanted to upgrade even though I just bought my 2013 STS a few months earlier.  Four days later, I ended up working out a great deal for trading in my Spyder and ordering my new 2014 Spyder RTS.  After the long wait and many delays of shipping from BRP, I ended up getting my fourth Spyder on January 31st, 2014.  I have only ridden it a few days since because of the cold weather that won’t leave Virginia, but I am totally amazed again at the HUGE improvements that BRP has done.   This is by far the best Spyder as they have listened to a lot of their customers’ demands, like the bigger engine and another gear. 

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I have put 250 miles on it in just two days including 1 day where the temperatures got down to 29 degrees.  I am looking forward to putting on the miles this year with some great trips planned to Daytona Bike Week, Spyderfest and the possibility of going to Sturges, SpyderQuest in upstate NY and the best would be the BRP homecoming in Durango, Colorado (if my wife does not get too mad for me being away from her and the kids for this time).  It has been amazing the amount of great Spyder enthusiasts that I have met over the past 7 years and quite a few of them have become really great friends! 

My motto in life is that you must enjoy life the best way you can as you don’t know when your last day will be!  My dream is to get my wife to ride with me this year as she has never wanted to previously ride on any of my other Spyders.  My now 17 year old daughter has done over 1000 miles with me on my first 2008 Spyder!   Happy Spyder Riding!


Shawn Scott

Aka Spyder-Dude

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