Montréal-Springfield Missouri part 3

Montréal-Springfield Missouri (The return)

Spyderfest 2014

DSC_0471I was very happy to see the group again. Although I like riding alone, I am anything but anti-social. So, on Friday, I head to the official site of the Spyder rally. Although the number of exhibitors is relatively limited, the quality is there. For the owner of a Spyder who wants to make some changes, it is the ideal place. Shocks, decals, exhaust pipes, footsteps, LED lights, clothing and sewn badges, everything is there. The prices are also very competitive. Personally, I spoiled myself with an aluminum step and trinkets such as cup holders, self-adhesive spiders and badges for my jacket. I also want to register to test ride the new 2014 BRP Spyder RT. It is truly an improved product: accelerations are more vivid, gear changes are softer, and the machine is quieter. Moreover, fuel consumption is greatly reduced. If God keeps me alive and healthy, I promise myself to acquire one day this improved version, but it can wait. My minister of Finance and dear wife will be very happy with my unusual wisdom.

23I am delighted to see the extravagance of our American neighbors in terms of decorating their Spyders. One of them shows us his Cow-Am; his machine bears the colors of cow skin. Another is clearly a fan of the Minnesota Vikings and has his seat laced as a football with the team logo on the front. Many have flags, landscapes and scenes of all kinds on display, not to mention the inevitable cobwebs. For us Canadians, who are more conservative, it surprises us and it is also a lot of fun to see.

The commercial Street of Springfield is also worth a visit with its historical buildings, small shops and the pedestrian zone. Not far away, there is the fabulous Bass Pro Shop (Campbell St), the largest in America. A genuine museum dedicated to the outdoors, with hundreds of stuffed animals, fish in huge aquariums, artificial cliffs and of course, thousands of hunting and fishing gear for sale, including boats and ATVs.


We were eight Spyders to make the trip back to Montreal. However, some of us were in a hurry to return, so we did not go back all together. My group was composed of three people; Pierre Arcand and Claude Leblanc were my travelling partners. At 7:30 am on Sunday, we started our long ride back.

We rode kilometers on highways that are almost all similar to one another. Aside from the splendid metal arch that marks the scene of St. Louis, and that we saw glistening in the sun, nothing is noteworthy in the 2.500 km heading back home.

With riding days of about 800 km in average, we return to Quebec in 3 days. Naturally, a small convoy of three eliminates a lot of wasted time for refueling, meals, etc. Also, we liked going faster, not having to worry about losing sight of one or more subgroups. The trip back went smoothly.

This 12 days journey will stay forever with me, for the new friendships I made, for discovering new landscapes, for the sightseeing and overall road experience. I promised myself that one day I would repeat this ride, but to a new destination. For now, I cannot wait to watch my GoPro movies.

René Lavoie


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