My ambulance ride – Spyderquest 2015 Lake George NY

I will remember Spyderquest 2015 for a few reasons…The first one is easy, in my mind it’s still the best Spyder event out there. There are other excellent events don’t get me wrong, and I’ve been to lots of them but not all of them. I base that on my own personal opinion, on the things that make it a hit for me personally and this event seems to hit all the high points.

 Organisation is key to running a smooth event, lots of good volunteers and dedicated riders that help out. That’s always hard to find because people are on vacation and need to relax to recover from work, so to have them commit and volunteer time months before the event is challenging in itself, getting them to help out on site is even harder, but those who do are doing it with all their hearts… Spyderquest volunteers are that kind of people.

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 Spyderquest was cut short this year for me, unfortunately I had to leave in a rush early friday morning as I wasn’t feeling well. Around 6am I started to have pain in my stomach on the right hand side, I got the sweats pretty fast. By 7.15am I wasn’t moving fast at all and my shirt was starting to soak thru. I got some help from a really nice rider named Cecil Neal, I told him that I wasn’t well and he took my F3 to my trailer and strapped it in for me. Richard Lund and a Spyderquest volunteer named Bill got my luggage and computer from my room and loaded up the truck. 8.00am came around and I decided to make a run for the Canadian border, I had my Blue Cross insurance like always but I was at a 6 out of 10 for pain and thought I was good to go, I would surely make it back home to Canada ok, only 2 and a half hours to the border !!! Wanting to be on home turf if anything went wrong was my train of thought. Cecil offered to drive the truck and trailer while his wife followed with the car to bring him back. I decided to take him up on the offer, good thing I did because it wasn’t even 30 minutes later that I hit a 10 out of 10 for the pain. Cecil heard a lot of nasty French words during our couple of hours together. He drove like a champion, truck and trailer at speed limit and maybe a little under what is permitted by law enforcement. I was blessed to have him that day….truly.

 I was later told that we even had a couple of Spyders escort us to the border, making sure we were ok. When we got to a thousand feet of the border, Cecil pulled over and we made a switch and I drove the last bit across where my dad was waiting for me to drive me straight to the nearest hospital. The border official looked at me funny while I was trying to explain the crazy situation I was going thru, she was very nice and allowed me to pass right by and I parked the truck and trailer in the middle of the border waiting for my dad to show up. He did only a few minutes later and had made an amazing judgment call by having an ambulance on site to take me directly to the Chateauguay hospital about 40 miles away. My dad said that Cecil, his wife and other Spyder riders took the time to wait until I left with the ambulance before heading back…Wow… not sure how to say thank you for that, like a convoy just for me…..Merci.

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After a 45-minute ride and a 15-minute exam when I got in the emergency, relief started to come in the shape of anti-inflammatory and some morphine. It turned out I had kidney stones that needed to pass, one did but another is still in there. They checked with a scan to see where the stones were located and to make sure that it wasn’t anything else. After getting poke with a dozen needles and getting some good morphine,  I was ready to go home. After getting all the info and results from the blood-work I waited for the final word from the doctor to have my release. Some final medication to take home, a prescription for morphine for that last stone. I’m still waiting for that to happen. The whole staff, nurses and doctors were really nice and informative. My parents came back to get me…even at 43 years of age, still needed mom and dad…lol.

 So, I missed out on another great Spyderquest but I realized that the Spyder community sticks together and helps each other out…I wanted to clear the situation of me going home early, I’ve heard all kinds of stories and I felt that this would just put to the side the wrong versions. For all of you that gave me well wishes I take them to heart, for some of you who thought I was a snob for not saying hello or goodbye, well now you know why, if that isn’t enough for you, I can’t do more, sorry.

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 Love you guys and I’ll see you on the roads somewhere really soon … be safe.

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7 Responses

  1. Cecil Neal says:

    Any time you need anything let me know

  2. Souzan Druy says:

    you forgot to mention the only “Egyptian on Spyder” you met at SpyderQuest. LOL

  3. Phil Wilbarger says:

    I was sadden to hear at closing ceremonies that you had gotten Ill and had to leave Spyder Quest early. I was hoping to get to say hi. I saw you a few times during the week but you were always busy and I didn’t want to butt in. I wish I had. Best wishes for a speedy recovery my friend.

  4. Sorry you missed out on the final days of Spyderquest but hopefully you will make the whole event next year ….. Pain free and full of smiles

  5. Janie Harper says:

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. I’ve had several family members that suffered greatly with kidney stones, so I can feel your pain. I’m very happy you are feeling better and are on the way to complete recovery. Hang in there and please keep us updated.

  6. JIm (Bruiser) Brewer says:

    Wasn’t able to attend this year. Hadn’t heard anything about you leaving early. Glad to hear you’re doing better and the other stone passes soon.

  7. Linda Crowley says:

    Spyder Quest 2015 was the first time I & my sister attended this event – we loved it & will be back next year. I remember seeing you the morning you left & you didn’t look happy. I didn’t realize you were in pain. We learned at the closing ceremony what happened to you! We were worried about you & missed you there. So happy you are on the way to recovery & hope that last stone has passed. I know it’s painful – I’ve passed 4 of them. Hope to see you again next year.

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