When I purchased my Spyder 4 years ago, my daughter Sue-Helen, who was 14 years old at that time, loved to occasionally ride with me, but not for too long and almost every time, we made a stop at the “Fudgerie Charlesbourg” near Quebec City. This was our routine. Today, our rides are longer but the Fudgerie is still a mandatory stop.


Sue-Helen was born in China. For my wife and I, Sue’s birth took place at the opening of the doors of an elevator of a big hotel in Changsha, in the Province of Hunan (South China). Her “nanny”, an Asian employee of the orphanage, held her affectionately. Among the four babies in that same elevator, we immediately recognized Sue. Before that moment, the only image we had of her was a picture of poor quality that was faxed to us.

The “nanny”, by the expression on my wife’s Michele face as well as on mine, realized that we were the lucky parents of this frail but energetic baby with sparkling eyes and disarming gestures and she quickly gave her to us.

There was really no familiarizing needed between us and Sue. It seemed that she was telling us: “It took you some time to come pick me up!” The contact with her brother Maxime was equally smooth and despite the age difference (15 years), they are brother and sister for life.



When I am with Sue, she does not say much; I am rather very talkative and I have long since accepted that my daughter is a being of few words.

I must admit that on a Spyder, it is much more acceptable… While I listen to music from my motorized spider, Sue listens to her iPod tunes. Although we seem to be living in parallel worlds, it is not so because we are riding through the same fabulous scenery, feeling the same wind on our faces, smelling the same odors and riding together in the same direction. Fortunately…

Riding with Sue is always a unique event. Something that will mark my memories forever, and hopefully hers too, because she does not speak about that either.

René Lavoie

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  1. Brian Zane says:

    Nice story! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Rene Lavoie says:

    Hi Brian !! I am very glad you liked it . Young peoples love to ride Spyder but their own way , and it is just normal .

    Bye .

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