My first time on a spyder

To make a long story short, our first love was the motorcycle! Disappointed and impatient of the long process, my boyfriend Cyrille, in his insatiable quest for discovery, travel experiences and freedom opens the motorcycle guide on the SPYDER page. As the expression states: “and the rest is history!”. We are now enrolled in our Spyder class. The excitement was at its height, it’s true! It is for real! The course in a nutshell? The rules of road safety, meeting with the super engine, a few teacher’s anecdotes and THERE WE GO! The location is perfect: very flat countryside roads, a few curves, a fresh breeze and the sun shining! After 3-4 hours of theory, FINALLY THE PRACTICE! How can we express this feeling in one word? We feel in control, with a strong sense of safety and control of the vehicle and we feel as if we are in our own little bubble.  We feel the engine roar in all its wonder, the stress disappears to let silence and peace take over.  Relaxation guaranteed!

 Honestly, this was one of the best experiences we shared, my boyfriend and I, and what comes to mind when remembering this great day is simply “WOW”, our laughter, our feeling of amazement and the fixed smile on Cyrille’s face while driving a magnificent Spyder. “We’re in LOVE!”

Nathalie and Cyrille

Montreal, Quebec

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