My passion for the Spyder…

My passion for the Spyder

When I saw for the first time the 2008 Spyder RSS, I immediately fell in love with the concept of three wheels. However, the sports model was not for me. It was only in 2010, when BRP released the RTS SE5 that I really wanted one.

Indeed, in early spring 2010, the local dealer had an exhibition of new models; I went to see them and I found myself sitting on a black RTS, my favorite color. I went home and I told my wife that I was going to buy myself a gift for my birthday which is on April 27th. My wife asked me what it was and I told her that it was a black Spyder and showed her a picture: not much of a reaction until I mentioned the price. She ended up by saying: “Do what you want.” The same day, I went to buy MY SPYDER.

I enjoyed my Spyder, but what was lacking in my experience is that my wife, Francine, did not like it. So, after 1 year and a half, I sold my Spyder to my son, Pierre.

Pierre loves the Spyder world. In the spring of 2013, he asked me to go with him to the St -Eustache race track to try the Spyder: what a beautiful day! I was once again in love with the Spyder. So, I looked into buying a used one and now, here I am with another Spyder, a manual RT 2010 this time around.

What my wife does not know is that now, instead of bringing her car behind the RV, I’ll have a Spyder on a trailer. Francine has no choice: if she wants to travel in the RV, she must move around with the Spyder.


Now that Francine finally likes the Spyder, we always visit the small corners of each city with it. In addition, the fact that Pierre is an administrator of an expanding Spyder club, Francine is more and more interested and implicated in the club.

Currently, we are planning our summer 2014 and we are discovering the Spyder world. Since our son Pierre has established, with Claude, the website, Francine and I will get involved and follow him on the roads of America.

Long live the Spyder and!

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