My perseverance has been rewarded

You would have told me 4 years ago that one day I would ride a Can Am Spyder and I wouldhave called you crazy!

An ATV enthusiast for a long time, from riding for pleasure to riding to get to work (with many flips), it was in 1997, with a slight twinge in my heart, that I got rid of my vehicle. Thereafter, I tried in vain to convince my wife to buy another ATV and I also tried with a 2 wheel motorcycle. My wife who is terrified of motorcycles gently reminded me to forget it.

During sunny winter days, how many times have I seen groups flying by on their ATV, it reminded me of the beautiful moments from the past. Having tried to find a new passion through scuba diving, radio controlled airplanes, scouting, etc., I failed. I needed an engine. For many years, the only engines that I had were actually the one from the lawnmower and that of the snow blower.

One evening, returning from work, my wife mentioned that she saw a gadget with 2 front wheels and one rear wheel on the landing runway of Mirabel. Binoculars in hand, she had her first contact with the Spyder.

During a dinner at the restaurant, I was surprised when my wife said: “It would be fun to ride a Spyder!”. I asked her if she started taking drugs. Let me tell you that I was so afraid that she would change her mind that 3 days later, we were at the dealership.

In no time, I found myself the owner of a brand new Can Am 2010 RTS Spyder. I did not sleep at all that night. A real kid!

It took 3 years, numerous rides and lots of encouragement for my wife to finally decide to take the Spyder course. Since then, riding is much more enjoyable knowing that she can take over if I get tired. What a great activity and a nice time to spend together.

Safe, comfortable,the Spyder is the dream vehicle for riding among enthusiasts. Any occasion is good to meet up and share with friends.

Overall, I can’t wait for springto go back on the roads.

Spyderly yours,

Jojo and Baloo

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