New “Wrap my Spyder” project for STV !!

It was written in the sky that STV and would team up for a project, just a matter of time really !! So the day as come, we have already started brainstorming and we have found the theme and overall look that we want to give to our STV Spyder.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 3.29.40 PM


Pete Ameno from Wrap my Spyder and my dad and I have had quiet the experience so far, the pleasure of starting a project from scratch is alway fun. It starts off with a color scheme, bouncing ideas on the lines that you want, discret or in your face kids thing…. animals or just graphics…. you get the point. You exchange ideas and draw has you go. Trial and error type of thing.

The guys at Wrap my Spyder are so good and they have done so many before that there seems to be an ease to the process, a sens of security that someone is steering the boat. So our colors, the red white and black are going to be showcase. We want racing lines that rush from the center point of the front trunk and extend to the sides. We can show you the front trunk, it’s not 100% but you will get the general idea. Next week we should be heading to Pennsylvania, My dad and I will bring our 2014 Black RT to Pete’s shop to finish up this project, stay tune for videos and other news.

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  1. Pete Ameno says:

    Hi Pierre,
    We are very excited to work with SpyderTV on this project. Your Dad’s RT is going to make a big statement representing STV as you travel and attend all the upcoming Spyder events. This project will showcase some of our custom design work & help other Spyder owners to see what we can create from scratch. All we need are a few ideas from them and off we go… We hope all our Spyder friends will watch your Dad’s Spyder RT vinyl wrap project progress as we move forward with the installation. Pete Ameno

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