News from the state of Pennsylvania

We have some Spyder news coming out of the states of Ohio and Pennsylvania. The Spyder club that we know as « Pennsylvania Spyder Ryders » are going through some administrative changes. On the club’s Facebook page, it is announce that Jayme Mickinac Good has stepped down from her position as president to pursue her own endeavours along with others from the club.

The new leadership and administration of the Pennsylvania Spyder Ryders are moving forth and are coming back for the 2015 riding season. Their sister club from the state of Ohio, the « Ohio Spyder Ryders » will help out during this time of transition. Eric Deuble will provide the presidency and leadership until new staffs is put together.

The direction of the club was at the heart of the break up and staff members could not come to an agreement on a number of issues. Having 2 clubs in 2 different states seems to have gotten the best of everyone involved.

Jayme Mickinac Good and some fellow Spyder Riders have now founded a new club that goes by the name of « PA Spyder Ryders ». This club will also represent Spyder riders in the great state of Pennsylvania. STV was told that PA Spyder Ryders are also putting together a riding schedule for 2015. The Facebook page is up and the web site is under the Meetup banner.

We at STV continue to support all Spyder Clubs and we wish all concerned the best riding season possible for 2015.

Pierre from STV.



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  1. Judy Morgan says:

    I would like to wish good luck to the New PA Spyder Ryder’s.

    From a former OSR member.

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