NO, it is not a motorcycle

NO, it is not a motorcycle

Since the appearance of the first Canam Spyder in 2007, many observers did not miss the opportunity to try to establish a comparison with the vehicle that resembles it the most: the motorcycle. However, Spyder enthusiasts are well aware that there are many more differences than similarities between the two vehicles.


The Spyder and the motorcycle share the fact that they are designed for two people, a pilot and a passenger who ride on them linearly, they are ridden in the open outdoors and they offer fast acceleration. In my opinion, this is where the comparison points end.

The differences however are numerous. The first is obviously the Spyder’s unique Y design which adds a wheel in the front for extra support. This feature is a major safety element. The need to balance the vehicle when stopped or in motion disappears. The stability of a Spyder makes it naturally much more similar to a car than to a motorcycle.

The Spyder also features stability technologies borrowed from the automobile such as the anti-skid system which regulates wheel adherence to the road by an electronic speed control. Some motorcycles have ABS brakes, for the Spyder, it’s a standard feature and the braking is even between the three wheels. While on a motorcycle it is important to balance the pressure on the brakes between the front and rear, the driver of a Spyder does not have to worry about that.

The Spyder is a vehicle whose driving is easier to control than a motorcycle. It is possible to obtain an authorization to drive a Spyder in several Canadian provinces and U.S. states without taking a motorcycle driving course, a short three-wheel vehicle training will suffice.

In most cases, the cost of insurance and registration, especially in Quebec, will be reduced compared to a motorcycle.

I hate to hear that the Spyder is a “3-wheeled motorcycle”. I hate just as much the comments of some bikers, fortunately not all, who strive to proclaim, with an air of superiority, that the Spyder is not a motorcycle. Spyder owners fully know that and that’s why they made ​​their choice. The Spyder provides a sense of escape, tons of pleasure to ride, and with lots of security.

The number of Spyders on the roads is increasing rapidly, members clubs are multiplying, suppliers of personalized items are growing, the popular success of the Spyder is undeniable and here to stay.

René Lavoie, proud Spyder driver.

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  1. Lorne Keith says:

    I am a Spyder Owner and Driver. The versability of my RSS Spyder has enabled me to travel the States and Canada on what many call a trip of a Life Time. I have completed the following portions. USA Eastern seaboard to North Carolina where did the Dragons Tail then on to Florida. From there west and north to Durango Co for the Owners event then on to Route 66 to California, up the West Coast to BC. This first portion I traveled 12,689 km. or 7930 miles.

    I left Portage Vale, NB on the 4th Jun. the return trip will take me in and out of the northern states as I continue to see the sites and friends. Total non rushed trip will be about 3 months and a distance of over 20,000 km

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