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It’s at the dawn of my retirement that my wife and I started riding motorcycles. My son and his girlfriend got us excited about the motorcycle world. They each had one and it was so nice to see them ride together that we decided to join the adventure.

spyder tv article maurice 2We joined a motorcycle club where safety was set and everyone was on their own motorcycle, 750cc Shadows. It was actually very nice to ride with members of this club who taught us all about how to ride safely in groups. We thought it would be fun to ride together on the same bike instead of side by side during training where we are constantly watching the actions of our teammate, but big bikes did not satisfy me. We then bought a 2011 Spyder RT- S. We opted for the color gray and the seller showed us the only gray model that remained: the floor model equipped with all chromed accessories available at BRP. We fell in love with this beautiful model.

It was at the end of July, and we travelled more than 8 000 miles with the same motorcycle club. Being wider than a motorcycle, we always traveled in the back of the pack and did not have to worry about teammates during training. The second year, we travelled 18 000 miles in Canada: most of Quebec (Lac St- Jean and Gaspésie) , New Brunswick and the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia.

spyder tv article maurice 1At the opening of the 2013 motorcycle season, Pierre Poliquin, one of the directors of the new Spyder Club des Laurentides, told us about a ride he was preparing for the Spyder Owner’s BRP Event in Maggie Valley. The trip consisted of beautiful rides on the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. During his explanations for this project, my wife and I exchanged a knowing look and our decision was already made, we were on board. We also knew that near Maggie Valley, there was the Tail of the Dragon: 318 curves in 11 miles, a must for all motorcycle enthusiasts. In addition, my son praised it so much that we could not miss this opportunity.

Everything was very well organized by Pierre: the route, the sleeping arrangements at various hotels or motels, short and long stops planned along the way depending on the temperature, the breathtaking views, the beautiful winding roads but also some highways because time was also limited. In total, we were 9 enthusiastic riders on 7 Spyders with two beautiful modified models that were going to compete in the event.

DSC_0049During the Spyder Owner’s Event, BRP organized rides around Maggie Valley and then I had the chance to realize my dream of riding the Tail of the Dragon with the added bonus: guides who led us in the beautiful corners of this country. You only had to keep pace with the guides. BRP received us very well during this event with two meals served with diligence despite some 1,000 attendees. In addition, we had discounts on clothes and a contest of the most beautiful motorcycles.

DSC_0026Our two friends from Quebec, Rick Malo and Pierre Poliquin, won respectively the first and second place in the Spyder beauty contest. After the event, I traveled road 219 (Tail of the Dragon) again but this time in reverse with our friends from the Spyder Club des Laurentides. This is undoubtedly the best trip I’ve done so far by Spyder thanks to the organization and the beautiful scenery.

 Thank you Spyder Club des Laurentides and Pierre Poliquin for being able to organize such a beautiful ride. I made ​​good friends during that week and I intend to continue to join rides with members of this club. I also changed my 2011 RT- S, which had more than 35 000 miles on it, for a 2013 RT- S. Larger wheels and foot supports give us a little more comfort and stability to travel more miles, because we want to make many trips to the United States in 2014.

Maurice and Marielle


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  1. We are going to have to do this again soon my friends, Spyderfest US 2014 !!!!!

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