Presenting Jacque Tanis, Spyder TV Web writer

Nervous, excited, scared, exuberant, ready … all rolled into one …  I had traveled eleven exhausting hours by car, plane, and then truck, to pick up my brand spanking new Spyder.  As I completed my purchase and headed for home it did not take me long to realize I absolutely hated this new machine.  I was lost and hot and tired.  Worst of all, this infernal machine kept trying to buck me off – could I expect any less in Texas? Yes, I hated her.  My first several hours in the saddle were spent trying to figure out how the heck I was going to tell my husband I had made such a huge and expensive mistake!  After four hours of hell I finally arrived at my hotel and fell, exhausted, into a deep sleep.

The second day I uncovered her and walked around studying every inch of her before cautiously climbing on to continue my journey home.  Almost before I realized it I began to relax.  I was getting to know her and well, we’ll see … perhaps I had not made such a huge mistake after all.

By day three I could not seem to get off my 2013 CanAm Spyder ST-L.  Once I reached my stop for the night I actually rode around town for two hours rather than get off her. We are ‘ONE’ …

spyder tv article jacque TanisHi, my name is Jacque Tanis, STV Web Writer.  At the age of 54 I decided to get out of my comfort zone and learn to ride a bike.  I had no idea what a marvelous adventure I had begun. My first bike was a Honda Shadow 750.  What a splendid machine, comfortable and always dependable, she taught me the rules of the road. Three years later I purchased a BMW F650GS.  Oh my goodness, I had no idea how much fun she would be.  Sassy is tall and light and rugged and yes, I still have her.  She hugs the corners like nobody’s business.

One afternoon while flying up my mountain road I caught sight of an extraordinary and mysterious machine humming toward me.  Was I supposed to wave as it passed me by?  I was not quite sure.  Never had I seen such a machine.  Seemingly with a life of its own my arm extended, my hand lifted, my fingers came out and I saluted – my biker wave.  Little did I know, this brief encounter was the beginning of a new and wondrous chapter in my biker life.   I still have her but my Sassy Girl sits mostly in to garage these days, ever since I purchased my CanAm Spyder, eighteen months ago.

The fabulous smells, the wind and the beautiful sights and sounds of the road … my wheels have set me free.  Whether on two wheels or three I have, like long-lost family, been welcomed into the wonderfully entertaining and funky community of bikers.

 I look forward to sharing with you my travels, introducing the men and women I meet, the machines we ride and the special bond we share.  My articles will include a variety of subjects from humorous to informational, all relating to our special riding community. If you have a topic you would like covered please let me know.  I will do my best to research and report on it for you.  Thank you for making me, and my Spyder Angel, one of your own.

Jacque Tanis

STV web writer

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4 Responses

  1. Dee Przymus says:

    wonderful Jacque!! Look forward to your posts!
    GoS #2108

  2. Steve Cumbie says:

    looking forward to more comment I felt the exact same way lol

  3. Karen Brewer GOS #707 says:

    Excellent article are so right…my Spyder has given me back the ability to ride like the wind. I thought I would never have that feeling again after many medical procedures which left me unable to straddle my two wheeler. I can’t think of a better way to appreciate all the wonderful places and meet so many friendly faces.

  4. Jacque Tanis says:

    Thanks Dee and Steve. I look forward to many happy adventures in writing.

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