Ride in mid-march in Montréal….. not happening

spyder tv article michel lajeunesse 3Who said that the planet is going thru global warming? That person definitely does not live in Quebec, Canada. Wow, this is a long winter that never wants to end! During winter months in Quebec, snowmobiles and ATVs are Kings and Masters. Normally, in March, we begin to slowly store these machines because the trails are starting to get damaged due to the melting snow. However, can someone tell me what is happening this year? Spyder lovers are in shock; they hoped that their machines would be out and about by March 16th. We are now in the middle of March and snowmobiles are still rolling! I should explain that here in Quebec, we have a mandatory regulation about having winter snow tires on our vehicles from December 15th to March 15th. Obviously, with the present climate, I doubt that any Spyder rider will risk to get on the road. Result: we all start winning and grinning! We feel the impatience in the air, from both older riders and novices.

spyder tv article michel lajeunesse 2One of the first reunion of the season for the “Club Spyder Laurentides” will be held at the Sugar Shack. It should be noted here, for Spyder riders of the world, that the sugar shack is a popular venue for Quebecers where a typical meal is served accompanied by our famous maple syrup. This reunion takes place in a friendly atmosphere where we share jokes and laughter. We talk about our next rides, our newly installed suspension and let’s not forget the eternal verbal exchanges between owners of the RT model vs the RS model. It is a real pleasure! We are also happy to be able to meet again after a long winter! Let’s face it, Spyder enthusiasts have a knack for friendly gatherings and this, throughout the season.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing all these beautiful people, getting to know new members and introducing them to everybody.

Spyderly yours,


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