Riding in the Abers with the Brezhoneg

On March 31st, 2013, the Landivisiau, RS Racing dealer organized a Spyder ride. First ride of the year: we found ourselves on 14 Spyders and a motorcycle on March 31st, sunny but cool (40°F). This ride will leave a mark in the minds of those who attended; the trajectory (a big thank you to the Trophy opener and Polack for fluidity), friendliness, good humor and a meeting between Spyder lovers were present (thank you Bernard and Romuald from RS Racing) and especially the landscapes throughout the day. Admittedly, it lacked some essential Brezhoneg Spyder Ryders, but they have been forgiven. Time change, but not for all – isn’t that right Laurent? – who arrived an hour before everyone else! After a refreshing coffee is offered by the dealership, we started to explore the Abers (word in Breton to describe an estuary). Those that we hear so much about, but that are so far away … In fact, not at all!

                                                                              DSC_0248_1 (1)

After discovering the surrounding area of Landivisiau, the shock of an original, and almost untouched, Breton coast caught our eyes from Plouescat and this natural spectacle followed us most of the day. Well, except for lunch at Porspoder. This break allowed us to make new friends and share on the Spyder. Small chat …

                                                                              DSC_0222_1 (1)

This ride in the Abers is not over and our small group hits the road, following the coast closer towards the Abbey of Saint- Mathieu de Fine-Terre where everyone gets separation anxiety (despite the 125 miles we rode). It was like we did not want this ride to end. If you come in our area, do not hesitate to contact us, we will ride with pleasure with you.

See you soon!

Rodolphe Cuzon

Spyder Ryders brezhoneg

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