Riding in the Muskoka’s

Riding in the Muskoka’s

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Fall colors in Muskoka’s

We watched the weather to pick a day that was dry, with any luck at all, sunny. Of course, the best-laid plans never seem to work out just as you’d like them, once again, it rained. On with the rain gear and on we went. It was a chilly day, but I managed to stay toasty warm with my heated seat, handgrips and my heated jacket. These comforts allow us to ride even in October. We were fortunate this time as the sun did peek through, on and off, and we were able to get some nice pictures.

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Fall colors in Muskoka’s

We are 2 Spyders travelling together and we headed up Hwy 400 to Horseshoe Valley Rd. then east towards Hwy 12. Our ultimate goal was Bala, we knew we wanted to ride Southwood Rd. 33 km of beautiful scenery and smooth curves, well worth the trip. We had some spots already in mind to stop for pictures but most of our stops were the spontaneous nature. I’m no photographer but there are things that when I see them, simply speak to me. We were travelling with someone who is a photographer. He takes some excellent pictures and he’s taught me a great deal about finding my subject.

Bala is a great destination. They have waterfalls, which are a personal favourite of mine, and a great bakery where there’s always a line up, it’s that good. Bala is the cranberry capital of Ontario, we’ve never been to a cranberry bog so we decided this was the day to see if cranberries really float! Lots of pictures and an opportunity to load up on some cranberry goodies. It’s a good thing the Spyder has lots of storage.

We are very thankful for our Spyder. Since our original purchase, we are on our 4th Spyder, we have over 125,000 km.

With the Spyder, we have experienced so many great roads. We are so fortunate, so many rides and places traveled. With our Spyder, we have met so many people, with our Spyder, we have so many new friends….

Pamela Fraser

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Fall colors in Muskoka’s



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  1. Rene Lavoie says:

    Great text and pictures Pamela !!! I lived in Quebec city and we also have this colored season . Too bad it does’nt last longer . Thank you for sharing your experience .

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