Riding with both our kids !!

Where to begin?

 We all have our stories where passion begins, because we obsessed over something or an event. I got hooked on the Spyder. I do not know how … by seeing an ad or by seeing a real one, on the street. It had become an obsession; I wanted to try a Spyder. My husband surprised me and enrolled us in the required 7-hour training. With this course, we would determine whether or not it was for us. Indeed, it was for us since two weeks later we acquired two Spyders. Being a family of four, we wanted to travel with our children.

 Then, in July 2011 was the beginning of some great adventures. I have no experience with motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs so, I cannot compare the driving. All I know is that I love driving my motorcycle.

 Adventures: I had them alone, as a couple, a family or with a group of friends, which makes every ride different. On my lunch break, no one is surprised to see me take an hour ride on my bike. In January, I start the countdown. I’m bored. When I get on my bike, I have fun every time. Also, when people come up to me in a parking lot to ask me “And, you like it?” The answer is “Oh yes!”. But I must add that a prerequisite when buying a Spyder is that you have to be sociable, because many strangers ask us questions about the Spyder. I think “Spyder-riders” are known to be very sociable. :-)

 Every year, I live new experiences. I learn the hard way a few times. Like the first year, I had to deal with the cold weather of November. I had no idea that we could be so cold. I learned to dress myself properly. This knowledge I pass on to my husband, my children and those who want to accompany me, like my sister. Our longest family trip on a Spyder was for four days in July 2013. We went to Rivière-du- Loup. We enjoyed our trip despite the rain waiting for us on a few occasions. But we could not do four days of travel and think that we would have wall to wall sunshine every day. We hoped for it, but sometimes reality happens. My sons were great: no complaining and acting like soldiers during the rain. They were, at the time, 11 and 12 years old.

 I am happy we are, my family, all able to enjoy it. We are fortunate to live such beautiful experiences and I am so glad that I did not wait years to realize this dream. I do not know if my husband would agree with me, but for my part, it was well worth the sacrifice.


Cinthia Laflamme

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