Roadtrip, meeting up with friends, you need Glympse !!

I first saw this when Lamont Bryden from Lamonster’s Garage used it to head back to Tennessee a couple of weeks ago, i really wanted an opportunity to use it ans this last sunday when i was coming back from the first annual Brewfest in Chardon Ohio, that’s the Brewer family, i thought it was great timing to put it to use. So what is Glympse, in a nutshell it’s a way to keep track of someone on the move. It works by cellular phones or tablets, as long as you have a data plan. So let’s say that i’m leaving Chardon Ohio like i did sunday, and that i,M heading to Montr√©al…. Once i have turned on my app and i’ve created a Glympse, i simply retrieve this web link and i can through Facebook, Twitter and text messages send it to whom i like, you can also do what i did and post it on your Facebook wall. People then amply click on the URL link and even if they don’t have the Glympse App, they will get a map and they will be able to follow you in live mode as you travel North America. It give the speed at which you are travelling and also give a cool street view with Google, it’s like being there……

This is a cool way to stay in touch or even when waiting for friends in a restaurant, no need to call them, just look at Glympse and you even get an ETA (estimate time of arrival). You can give Glympse or request one…. check it out, have fun this summer while riding, no body should get lost anymore !!! A big thank you to my good buddy Erick Del Toro from Bullant’s Spyder Garage who got me set up with this wonderful app.

Download from their website here


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  1. Dan McNally says:

    Great article. I’ve seen this a couple times and was intrigued by it . . . I think I’ll put it on my phone.

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