Spyder Club Belgium

Spyder Club Belgium


The Spyder Club “Flatland”, officially established in early 2013, owes its start-up to a little bit of an accidental coincidence and especially to a chance encounter that will prove to be very friendly and highly constructive.


Last January, a friend and I decided to go to the Nocturne Motorcycles of the European Motor Show – Brussels 2013. Once we arrived at the Brussels Palais Expo, we go around the halls welcoming whatever the small world of motorcycling has to offer in terms of manufacturers and suppliers in the industry.


Inevitably, our tour takes us to the BRP stand. There, quickly, a BRP collaborator approaches us and conversation begins. We explain to him that we are passionate Spyder users and that before that, we practiced Quad, already using brand products. After a brief initial exchange, the sympathetic character, who had approached us, proves to be the Commercial Manager of Benelux, Scandinavia, UK and Ireland, Portugal BRP: “Tim GYS” in person!


We explain to Tim that without a formal structure, and for the past 2 years, we organize an annual gathering of Spyders in Belgium, with enough success. Not hesitating a second longer, I step up to the mark as our interlocutor seems to be in a very good disposition:  “Listen Mr. Gys, if you are willing to support us, we are motivated to create a club following formalized rules».

 A very enthusiastic Mr. Tim GYS directly committed himself and BRP in supporting us! Thus began the Belgium Spyder Club! And, since the summer of 2013, it was the first official event of the Club and the beginning of a close collaboration with BRP BeNeLux (Belgium – Netherlands – Grand Duchy of Luxembourg).


First Spyder’s Belgian Day 29 of june 2013


We chose as a site, the Cerfontaine airfield, located close to the Belgian Ardennes, in the boot of Namur. The “Gavity Park” is located in the heart of the “Complexe des Barrages de l’Eau d’Heure”, a very famous Belgian tourist attraction. It’s safe to say that the area is beautiful and in all accounts, leaves you with magnificent memories.

 Around the tables, it is not less than a hundred guests who gathered to sample the regional cuisine.

After this moment of well-deserved comfort, we hit the road for a second loop. During the day, approximately 125 miles have been ridden to discover some picturesque places such as abbeys, forests and other beautiful monuments, villages, including the famous “Courquain» having served as the backdrop to the film DANY BOON.


Sebastien Lorsignol

Spyder Club Belgium

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