Spyder Odyssey is born – August 2015

STV is proud to announce that we are putting together our first event for Can Am Spyder Owners. Our event is called ‚ÄúSpyder Odyssey‚ÄĚ and will be held in the beautiful province of Qu√©bec in Canada. We have chosen a formula in which the site chosen to hold the event will play a major role, it will offer riders from all over the world an amazing and relaxing experience.¬†‚ÄúLe Manoir du Lac Delage‚Ä̬†is situated less than 30 minutes north of Qu√©bec city and has a wonderful reputation. One off the reasons that we have chosen this establishment is that over the last couple of years, my friend Claude and I and some Spyder riders have made a point to put this place on our ride schedule. We are always welcomed like royalty and we felt that the spyder community would truly enjoy their stay and the riding that the region as to offer.

 At this time we have secured rooms at the host hotel, we urge you to book right away, as rooms are limited (50 rooms). Our event will be held on the Friday and Saturday, meaning that activities are on the 21st and 22nd of August of 2015. Riders will start leaving and heading back home on the Sunday morning. Since rides leave early friday morning, we encourage you to stay with us the Thursday night, many of our friends from the NY and Vermont region are coming on this night to be up and ready to ride the following morning.


 Spyder Odyssey’s theme is family, friends, life and stories…..Think of this event like a big family gathering or BBQ….Where you will ride but will also share some incredible moments, where you will discover something new and have lot’s of fun, games and music, some good food and a drink or two if you wish !!!

 Registration will open soon with an online form that will allow you to register for the rides, the games and the meals. We have prefered this way of doing as we believe that if all prepared ahead of times, organisation will much easier, it will run smoother and everybody will have a great time, including all the volunteers !!! For Spyder Odyssey to be a success we really need you to help out by registering early, it makes all the difference!!

 This is what you can look forward too for the 2 days of activities.

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 Friday 21st of August

 Breakfast                               7.00am to 8.30 am

Departure 8.30am               Ride 1 РLeaving Lac Delage towards Ile D’Orleans

Departure 8.30am               Ride 2 РLeaving Lac Delage  To be announced

Departure 4.00pm               Taking buses towards Old Québec city for diner

 Saturday 22nd of August

Breakfast                                From 7.00am to 8.30am

Departure 8.30am               Ride 1 РLeaving Lac Delage towards Ste Anne Canyon

Departure 8.30am               Ride 2 РLeaving Lac Delage  To be announce

 BBQ lunch 12.00pm           All rides plus incoming Spyder groups from local clubs

                                                 Will all meet up for lunch in Stoneham for the BBQ.

Departure 1.30pm               All Spyders will make their way to Manoir du Lac Delage a couple of miles away for              

                                                 our grand arrival.

Games 2.00pm                      A CornHole Tournament will be held, this is a must for all as prizes will be          

                                                    won while playing. Plus this is great practice as during the evening, we have a big 

                                                               surprise for the players !! (Bean bag toss game)

Diner at 7.00pm                   Diner will be outside under the tent, this is a surprise for now, we are working on  

                                                             something special for diner. 

 Surprise at 9.00pm              Once again, we want to keep this happening a secret for now, but it will be 

                                                              something different and fun.

 Raffles and prizes                 All through the evening, we will raffle off prizes for the people in attendence, you 

                                                              could win some pretty good stuff !!

 Sunday 23rd of August      

 Breakfeast                             7.00am to 8.30am РAmazing breakfeast and goodbyes….

 Registration for Spyder Odyssey will be open this december via Spyder TV and please like our Facebook page to get all the latest news…..

Photo Gallery from Le Manoir du Lac Delage is here.

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