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Shortly before purchasing my Spyder in June, 2013 I began searching online for riding groups, clubs, forums, etc.  My first find,, led me to a charmingly one of a kind group, Girls on Spyders (GOS).  I joined on May 30, 2013.  The group was quite small, I was member number 659 but it did not take me long to realize what a special group this was. Members share a familial connection I have never experienced from an online community.  I call it “My Happy Place”.

Leira Del Toro (#1) had recently purchased her 2011 RSS and had a lot of “newbie questions” regarding riding.  Leira could not find an “all women” group and did not have the time to surf the forums.  The best solution was Facebook.  Our GOS Facebook page created in July of 2011.  The group was getting a lot of attention and Leira quickly realized she needed help.  Faran Hearyman (#5) was a CanAm Ambassador and Leira’s logical choice.

Between, advertising on the CanAm Spyder Facebook page and the driving force of both Leira and Faran GOS has rapidly grown to 2000 plus members we have today.

GOS is made up of women from all over the world.  We have members in the USA, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Costa Rica, and Scotland.  I’m sure I’ve missed a country or two.  We are all different ages, from teens to seniors, races and backgrounds. Our members are lawyers and business owners, doctors and professional writers, homemakers and teachers, just to name a few.  About the only things we DO have in common is that we are women and we own – or dream of owning – a CanAm Spyder.  Some of us have been riding two or three wheel machines for most of our lives, many are beginners, and some are waiting to learn.  Despite our many differences GOS works, it has become a safe and comfortable place for us to share our lives with one another.

I recently asked our members what makes GOS so special and found a common thread running through almost every response.  To share a few: Theresa (#1120) says that her life had no real meaning until she bought her Spyder and, consequently, found GOS on Facebook.  Since then her life has become a whirlwind of meeting and greeting numerous GOS systers, riding and traveling.  Gloria (#1966) posted, “We support each other through good and bad, health and illness, births and deaths.  We encompass the entire world and make its miles shrink to feel like (we are) neighbors.”  Maria Bowen (#731) likes that we speak the same language and Judy (#235) says we laugh, cry, vent, joke, ask questions, get answers, and know there is always someone who cares. “Though my GOS Systers may not always be riding with me,” says Bridgid (#1700), “I always feels their presence.”

Last, but not least, Faran SpyderRyder (#5) posted, “… not all women’s groups click like GOS has.  In my opinion, it’s because we already know what we have in common: a love of riding, confidence, an appreciation for each other’s sense of adventure, and respect for being a little different … It means we are able to let our guard down faster because we immediately belong … Nothing like knowing your sisters have your back.”

Community is a feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals; friendship a state of mutual trust and support.  Our GOS community imparts a calm sense of intimacy to those of us lucky enough to have found this private and comfortable atmosphere full of warmth and affection.

Cindy (#464) summed it up eloquently when she said, “GOS brings together women from all walks of life … we are a global network of women who are bound together in the web of our Spyders!”

Jacque Tanis

Web writer


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11 Responses

  1. Penny says:

    Great article! I just joined GOS group and they are a very welcoming group :-)

  2. Lori Spence-Starkey says:

    Nicely written Jacque. You have captured all the best parts of GOS.

    Lori (#425)

  3. Connie Hathorn says:

    Awesome article. Im sure it could have been countless pages!

    • Jacque Tanis says:

      Thanks, I had fun with and teared up, laughed and felt my heart swell as I read all the input I received. Our GOS ladies are the ones who actually wrote this article.

  4. Sherryl Anctil says:

    Great article! I know you could have gone on and on! But you certainly captured the essence of our group!

  5. Ruth Love says:

    Jacque, what a great way to express our GOS group. You hit the nail on the head!

  6. Gloria McBeth says:

    Great article! I too am so honored to be a part of the GOS and feel welcomed. It is a Happy Place. Safe travels and great adventures to you!

  7. Dee Przymus says:

    Jacque – I love your articles and look forward to your future ones!

  8. Janet says:

    Thanks for putting into word what we know and feel! Great job!

  9. Janie Harper says:

    Great article Jacque. I recently made a 6500 mile trip on my Spyder. As good as visiting new places, seeing the magnificent views were, the best part was being able to finally meet in person and ride and spend time with two of my long time Systers, Connie and Sue. And just think, it would have never happened if not for GOS. Thanks Leira!

  10. Stephanie Stamper says:

    Perfectly said, Jacque!! You are a wonderful representative for us.

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