Spyder TV – Preview of the 2015 F3 Can Am Spyder from BRP

About 2 weeks ago, we had a sneak peak at the new 2015 F3 Can Am Spyder. Our first look included some shots with camouflage on the front end and we understand that BRP didn’t intend for these to circulate on the web. A couple of days after that initial leak, we saw a new series of  photos. Again, these were not official pictures. With everything circulating on Facebook and other websites, BRP came out with one official picture, but we will have to wait for the specs, so you can imagine that rumours and speculations are coming from all corners of our Spyder community…

Here’s a couple of comments and observations from the last series of pictures that are on the web.


The debate on the web seems to be about the look of this new F3 Can Am Spyder, do we like it or not ? I have learned through the years that tastes and likes are as numerous as there are people !! So here’s my answer : My initial reaction was one of question, I don’t remember saying “wow” or saying “no way”, but I do remember asking myself about the direction and the demographic that BRP is going after with this new model and design ? I have to say that I’m a die hard fan of Spyders, I’ve always loved the RSS for it’s agressive look, that rear tire still gives me shivers to this day. The front grill of both the RT ans RS series is, in my books, nothing short of brillant, combining both looks and storage.


When looking at the new F3 series, I see a more muscled look that starts at the center of the front grill. All the models that we’ve seen, either in grey, white, orange or black, all have that top part of the front grill that just pops out a little more than the rest…I like it. It looks thick and solid. I’m just curious about front trunk cargo space. The front fenders look like the ones from 2013 and last year. On the orange model, we can see a small shield over the front instruments, I wouldn’t use the word windshield since it’s so small. On this same model, you have the added fog lights. It’s just hard to see if it has the 2 front radiators from the 2014 RT series.


When looking at the F3 from it’s side, that’s where it’s starting to grow on me, I might even say that it’s my favorite angle. You can see a series of different layers, it adds character, it looks massive and strong. They added a design element that goes forward from the handle bars and  holds the same line as that front trunk. That just looks perfect to me, it shows attention to detail and once again it adds depth to those layers.

How can you miss that tubing that goes forward from the rear tire and splits 2 ways to wrap itself around the engine, fits perfectly with the rugged look of this F3. The seating position is something that also stands out. We can see riders of different heights and they all have their legs stretching forward, just like you would if you had highway pegs, it’s a “chopper” look. My only concern at this point is riding into corners and how stable it will be, I always take my feet down from my pegs when cornering with my RT, so I’m curious about the handling. I guess a road test will settle that !!! When looking at the logos and the engine, we can safely say that this new member of the Can Am family comes with nothing short of 3 cylinders and 1330 CC, just like big it’s brother, the 2014 RT. 


The seat seems to give support for lower back and acts like a stopper since riding position might have you pushing back somewhat, this is definitely different from the RS ans ST series. The padding is thick and plenty, confort should not be a problem. Looking at the F3 from the rear, one could mistake it for an RS or ST, because there are no obvious changes here, cosmetic or otherwise. 

All in all, this quick breakdown of what we can see so far helps with my initial question, what direction and what demographic is BRP going after with this F3 model. Well, in my opinion, they want the chopper crowd, they want the guy who drives a Harley to have a reason to walk into a Can Am dealer. Get them thinking and let them choose after, something that’s not happening right now. So for that, I think it’s a home run ! It’s not for existing Spyder riders, they like their RS, ST and RT models, this is for a new crowd, the jeans and leather wearing, wind-in-my-face type of guys, give me power and sound before all the other stuff !!!

Can’t wait to ride it…Spyder TV is working really hard and we hope to have some news before the end of September 2014 ! Keep coming back to check for updates !!!

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Pierre Poliquin

Spyder TV


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2 Responses

  1. Anthony Ariniello says:

    don’t really like it especially if its an RT

  2. Joe says:

    The rear vies has been completely redesigned….new fender, new license plate light, new rear lights, new passengers seat, no room for the backrest like the current RS/ST versions have….only thing that’s the same on this from the current versions….the front fenders.

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