Spyder TV reveals it’s “WrapMySpyder” Project !!

In the past week, my dad and I got to work with the WrapMySpyder family in Erie Pennsylvania. Pete and Kelly Ameno have been working together for over 21 years and in the last couple of years, both of their sons have joined this successful family business. Kelly is the heart of the administration, Joey is the web administrator and responsible for all the products on the website along with many social media tasks. He is the real jack of all trades and fills in whatever needs to be done on any given day, Michael runs the Sharper Images Tint & Wraps brand which caters to the local automotive & sign industry, we’re talking about tinted windows and paint protection film vehicle wraps and graphics just to name a few. Pete works in the wrapping department and is the artist that will be working on your Spyder, boat, car, ATV and anything that can be wrapped, including golf cars and more.

Photo album is right here !!

20141217_175021The plan was to create something unique and exclusive for Spyder TV, we wanted to find a way to showcase WrapMySpyder’s skill and variety of materials. Getting to collaborate and take on the wrapping experience was so much fun.

It all started with a couple of phone conversations about colors and concept. Finding both was easy enough, Pete as done this thousand’s of times, he guided me and never let me loose focus. From an idea comes a rough draft and straight after that, we start going back and forth with emails and adjustments.

Once the design is approved, we go to the printer, a BIG PRINTER !!!!  Out comes the design, next step is to get it laminated. Once that is done, we need to get it cut out. From there we go to weeding, that’s the part where all the extra material will get taken off, making things easier to manoeuvre later on. The transfer tape is the last step before bringing everything next to your Spyder.  Just before starting to work on the bike, it needs to be cleaned and prepped, must be really clean !!

20141219_142220A couple of hours later
 Voilà !!  You have yourself a one of a kind Spyder !! Check out the complete photo album right here and watch over the next couple of weeks for videos coming from Pete’s workshop. You must remember from WrapMySpyder, ther’s always a way to get something done, you have an idea and they will make it happen, they did just that for my dad and I !

 We also have some cool stuff for you guys, all the decals from the STV Spyder are available to the public, none of it is exclusive, if you want the STV look in a whole or in part, you can have it !!

The other item that’s sure to get lots of attention is the STV Short Windshield Blackout, only $65 when you order it online at It’s in Black Carbon Fiber and has a very discrete STV logo in the center, black on black. That’s the perfect accessory to hide the hard to clean area on that RT series windshield. Available for the 2010/2014 models. Watch for videos about Pete and his work.

There is the link to order STV Short Windshield Blackout

STV Short Windshield Blackout

STV Short Windshield Blackout

Pierre Poliquin



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  1. Jean Pierre says:

    this is My Spyder and extremely please with the work done
    Thanks to every one

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