Spyder TV – The Deborah and George Merrill ride – The video….

On the 22nd of November 2014, STV was at Tampa Bay Powersports in Florida to participate in a ride put together for the Deborah Merrill family. A couple of months back, The Merrill family got the bad news that Deborah had brain cancer, a fight that¬†announces itself to be a tough battle. In an effort to help her out and keep her spirits high, Spyder TV with the help of Tamps Bay Powersports, Girls on Spyders (GOS) and Deborahs’ and George’s friends and local church put this ride together. The guys from the local SRA chapter took charge of the ride itself, having 2 ride captains for us and Dale at the local dealer was the perfect host. We had a quick breakfast and a beautiful ride before coming back to the dealer for some burgers and dogs. All the food was donated by Dale’s team. With a 50-50 raffle and some auctions, we raise some money for the Merrill family.

To see the video, just click right here 

spyder tv video deborah merril 2Putting this video together was really hard, i’ve never done anything like this and trying to represent the day that we had was quiet a challenge. How do you not come¬†across too sad, too happy, respectful and at the same time capture the moments without being in peoples face….So i took some extra time to make this video, i apologize for that. I started this video over and over, but i’m really happy with it, I hope you like it and I hope that George and Deborah love it…..

In parting, i don’t have words of wisdom for you, all i have is this, but i can tell you that i feel fortunate to have being a part of this ride, i feel like a better person, and for that I thank the Merrill family for letting us share this moment and this celebration…. Until our next ride i say, be well and be safe Deborah, always look in your rearview mirror for your Spyder friends, I promise to wave Hello every time you do…..¬†

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 4.55.57 PM

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2 Responses

  1. George Magnan says:

    Thank you for doing what you do for the Spyder riders.

  2. Debbie Willey says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve been watching every video I can that You post as it shows me the World I would NOT be able to see without You. Looks like it was a great ride and God Bless Deborah.

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