SpyderQuest 2015 – The Quest Continues…News and Interview

This past weekend I had the chance to attend a SpyderQuest 2015 meeting, the volunteers that put on this wonderful event in Lake George NY each year were catching up on preparations. Final touches on the meals, opening and closing ceremonies, talking about shirt designs and of course the rides. The Ramada hotel will play a greater role in next year event as the camp ground in Lake George is proving to be a financial challenge, 8$ per day per rider is a heavy price to pay for the NY Spyder Riders. That huge % of the registration fee will be used to better the Quest experience next year. Over 10 rides will be available in the beautiful region of the Adirondacks, no shortage of roads and lakes here…This is the 2014 video that we shot in september. RIGHT HERE.

 IMG_2550 (1)

At the end of the reunion, I had the chance to talk with Terry Blaunstein who is responsable for all media and publicity. You can click right here for that interview. We are very proud at Spyder TV to also announce that we are the official media for all things SpyderQuest. We are partnering up with the folks in Lake George to help them get the message out about this event, we will provide them with the STV platform, all their news will have a Spyder TV link and and the videos and registration form will also be available through STV. In the past 2 years, I have seen this event grow and even before STV was born, i was a fan of SpyderQuest, they do an amazing job.

Please watch the Terri interview, we had fun sooting that and of course, stay tune for more news in early 2015, SpyderQuest 2015 is just around the corner…. and don’t forget, “It’s all about the rides”


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  1. Mark Testa says:

    Would like to know when and how to register for Spyder Quest 2015 at Lake George NY.My wife and i have already made reservation to hotel at Great Escape Lodge. Thanks for any helpful info.

  2. Rose Button says:

    I love my spyders and look forward to each new “Quest” with my Spyder!

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