Sylvain Proulx…Loves his Spyder Club !!


Like all guys, my dream was to go on the road with a motorcycle. But the insecurity of a bike and the fear of falling prevented me from realizing my dream. What a nice surprise when I saw a Spyder for the first time! I looked at one with astonished eyes, like a child. I inquired about the prices and conditions to get a license. When I found out that I only needed a special permit with a 7 hour course, I knew then that the Spyder was made for me. The first word that came to mind: freedom. Freedom to go on the road with my Spyder, to go where you want, to share this activity with your wife, to escape from home and work, to just think about ourselves. The first thing you notice when riding your Spyder are the smells, the beautiful scenery and the great people you meet.

I discovered that Quebec is very large with lots of beautiful places to visit. What allowed me to better appreciate all these rides was the Spyder Club des Laurentides. Yes! I am very serious. Our first ride was a nice surprise: we were about 40 Spyders who rode together to get to Lac Simon and the organizers of the club were waiting for us to plan out our day. The club is managed by Pierre Poliquin and Claude Leblanc who really give it all to the organization of the Spyder Club des Laurentides. Without them, the club would not be the same and, I speak for myself, but I know that everybody would agree with me. They are always there, and I swear it is not always easy but, they are there to make our life pleasant and make us have a great time. I know that if we had not joined the club, my wife would not have loved to ride a Spyder as much.

We spent our first summer with the Spyder Club and it was one of our best summers. Several members have become friends and each week, we look forward to the next activity.

I tell you a thousand times “THANK YOU” and I look forward to the 2014 season.

Sylvain Proulx

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