The Brezhoneg, an active group

Brezhoneg Spyder Ryders !


This name sounds strange?


Here is our story.


Its Name: Brezhoneg, in the Breton language, means Breton, we all are, original or at heart…


Spyder Ryders, these two words are inspired by existing groups under this banner around the world: groups we discovered on various forums or through search engines… and no, SpyderTV did not exist at the time.Their stories pleased us: the pleasure of riding and sharing this moment.Hence the choice of the name of our group.The little extra: writing riders (ryders) with a Y, which is the symbol of the Spyder and makes it very friendlY.


The group:

 After getting contacts on the French forum, and later on outings, connections are created. Many of us are from the word of the two wheeler, with the “biker” spirit that has brought us naturally together, despite our professions and different backgrounds. Then, after numerous get-togethers, this became our leitmotif: keep the flame of friendship and pleasure going, without running after recognition or without making a big fuss about our existence (although now, the whole world knows us…). We hope that our fraternal glow illuminates our road for a long time.Small characteristic in our group, virtually all of our wives or partners are also Spyder drivers: The Brezhoneg Spyder Girls.

spyder tv capture 16 brezhoneg

 This wind of Y brings us together as often as possible to share our passions:Brittany, our region, our machines and especially our passion to travel and share the unknown or rediscovering the unknown on our three-wheeler. Discovering Brittany on a Spyder will always be a little bit magical.

Our “rydes” and other travels depend of our desire and availability. Some leave, others are absent, but return from time to time. It does not matter the number of Spyders, the distance or sometimes the weather, because each time, joining a ride is always a pleasure.

 spyder tv capture 12 brezhoneg

Do not be jealous or unhappy, other regions of France and elsewhere are also beautiful. We only have to look around and discover. We are thinking about it…

Hoping to ride with you soon.


The Spyder Ryders Brezhoneg

spyder tv capture 17 brezhoneg

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