The Can-Am Spyder Rally Challenge

The Can-Am Spyder Rally Challenge


The Can- Am Spyder Rally Challenge event was created in 2013. It was born by combining two events, the Can- Am Spyder Rally for profit and the Andrée D’Amours’ Spyder Challenge.

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Actually, in 2011, one of our members learned that his wife, Andrée D’Amours, had ovarian cancer. Before her passing, she and he created an event in collaboration with the Cancer Institute and “Ovaire Espoir”, which bore the name of Spyder Challenge Andrée D’Amours. The first event took place in the summer of 2011 when Mrs. D’Amours was alive. Courageously, she agreed to talk about her illness and allowed this event to raise funds for research to find a cure for ovarian cancer. It was their way of giving back. Despite the passing of Madame D’Amours, the event continued in 2012.


For us, life has meant that many of our relatives have or  had cancer of the ovaries, prostate, uterus and breast. This makes us are more sensitive and empathetic when it comes to cancer.

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In addition, when we get to know women like Michèle St-Pierre or Katia Pitre who are fighting for their lives, are demonstrating unwavering courage and are overcoming full of obstacles without knowing if they will become survivors, we want to give them some hope and support. To do so, we need to raise a lot of money to enable research to develop new treatments. We eagerly hope that Dr. Provencher can find a diagnostic test, which would allow the girls and women in our lives to be screened early on to overcome the disease.


 It seems imperative to raise funds to support research and increase awareness on this silent killer called ovarian cancer. Our goal for 2014 is to raise 25,000$.




It was with great pleasure that I accepted the invitation of the Can-Am Spyder Rally Challenge team to participate in the 2013 edition. Being myself diagnosed with ovarian cancer in December 2011, at the age of 27, I recognize the importance of raising funds to support research to prevent or cure this disease. I got myself involved in this cause and I thank the people who participate and donate for research. There is a lot of progress that has been made in this area, but there is still so much to be done to eradicate this scourge that affects us all, one way or another. We must fight and never lose hope. This mobilization of people touches me profoundly and know that I am very grateful for all the money that will be given to the “CHUS” for Dr. Paul Bessette’s research.


Katia Pitre

Dr. Paul Bessette’s patient at the “CHUS”



It gives me great pleasure to participate in this great Can- Am Spyder Rally Challenge event, which aims to raise funds for research on ovarian cancer, in collaboration with the Cancer Institute of Montreal.

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I am extremely grateful to the organizers of this event who have generously agreed to join this cause, because I myself have this terrible disease, diagnosed four and a half years ago. I am very lucky to still be alive given that it is estimated that 80% of women with ovarian cancer die within less than 5 years and the remaining 20% ​​suffer relapse after relapse! In fact, I am myself back in chemo for a third time since the beginning of my illness.


I thank all participants in the Can-Am Spyder Rally Challenge because by participating, you agree to join my cause and fund research that will find an early diagnostic test and targeted chemotherapy. So, not only are you helping me hang onto hope, but at the same time, you are helping to save the lives of hundreds of other women like me. By giving to research, you give hope to all these women who were diagnosed and you contribute, perhaps unknowingly, to saving the lives of women in your life : YOUR WIFE, YOUR DAUGHTER, YOUR MOTHER, YOUR SISTER AND / OR YOUR FRIENDS … because you never know when cancer can strike … or who it can strike.




Michèle St -Pierre

Patient diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2008, followed by Dr. Diane Provencher’s team


For all these reasons, we want to make a difference by once again organizing the Can- Am Spyder Rally Challenge event. All net proceeds will be donated to the Cancer Institute of Montreal for research on ovarian cancer.

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At this June 21st event, in addition to contributing to a good cause, the owners of Can-Am Spyder roadsters who participate will have the opportunity to go on a beautiful ride in places in Quebec rich in colors and panoramas.


If unfortunately you cannot be there and you want to contribute to the advancement of research in the fight against ovarian cancer, you can:


• Make a donation online by visiting under “Support / partners / Cancer Institute of Montreal and click on the link at the bottom of the text or by clicking, on the home page, at the bottom right where it says “Donate /”


• Donate by sending a check payable to the “Can-Am Spyder Rally Challenge” to this address: 10350 Boul. Les Galeries d’Anjou, Apt.105, Anjou, QC, H1J 3C6.



 Our slogan: On the road to hope … HELP research!

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