The “Doggy Dome”

STV Exclusive News !!! STV Exclusive News !!!

“The Doggy Dome” is coming soon….prototype in the works…..

spyder tv article chienThrough out this first year, we’ve noticed that when ever we have something that relates to a trailer for the Can Am Spyders that we get lots of views and shares, if it’s a trailer that can house a dog, then people just go nuts !!! So imagine our luck when we found this last trailer…. A customed 622 BRP Can Am trailer that can carry your beloved K9 friend…..And this is the lucky part, the guy who invented the “Doggy Dome” is actually only 15 miles from my house here in the beautiful province of Qu√©bec….So this picture is only a preview to the a full video shoot that i did tonight when my dad Jean Pierre and I visite Mr L’Ecuyer at his home….i have about 40 photos and lots of videos, plus a break down of what he did….. Plus some amazing news too !!!

Keep watching STV for the latest updates and news…..


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