The good old days are NOW !!

Hi all,

This is for you all who send me the dozens and dozens of nostalgia emails that flood the internet:

I love that you care enough and work hard to keep in touch.  However, I have to say that all the postings I get from others of our age talking about “The Past“, “Are you old enough to remember…“,  “The back nine…“, “Ah, the good ol’ days” and the  thousands of other postings telling us that we are nearing the end – go right into my trash.  

I don’t see any of them as promoting a forward thinking, productive future. Or promoting a long, happy “senior experience”.  They all hint that “it is over“.  For me, IT’S NOT!  Sure things change but my life is about creating NEW memories rather than wistfully reliving old ones. Then was “then”, and we are still here…terrific, but it’s time to move forward – not sit and look at what was. 

I’m 71 years old now and last week I launched a new business.  It means working hard, dreaming, and risk taking.  I’m not the stud I was, but I look forward to my next lover.  I’m starting plans for an 8,000 mile motorcycle trip next Spring.  It’s enough that my grandchildren remind me I’m old.  I don’t have time to dwell on my past, I have too much ahead of me for that nonsense.  Sure things are different today.  I just had a new new knee put in a couple of months ago.  It is not what I’d hoped for and hurts like hell!  Oh well, adapt and move forward, don’t just sit there and think about my “Hay Day“.  This is it now!  

I am surrounded by tons of men and women in their 70′s and 80′s who live to ride their Spyders, go places, meet new people, and have new adventures.  They are amazing in their curiosity and agile thinking.  They are engaged in life, not reliving it.  They are my heroes.  My teachers.

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, it’s not really my business and I have little say in it anyway.  All I can do is look forward and make plans…what happens, well, we’ll see.  So, Thanks for keeping in touch, please don’t stop, but don’t ask me to buy into the nostalgia of what was or could have been.  Life is too short.  I have to get to work now, it’s not going to do it itself.

Ride in Comfort,
John Anderson
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One Response

  1. Rea Richardson says:

    I am with you John!!

    The next person who begins a sentence with “when we reach a certain age……” Will get punched in the throat.

    Ride On,

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